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Sheldon Needle

Sheldon Needle, MBA, Founder and CEO of is a 30 year veteran researching and publishing reviews on mid-market manufacturing/accounting software, author, and consultant who has helped thousands of manufacturing companies select best fit software. He is the author of numerous guides including the Guide to PC Based Software for the Manufacturing Industry and creator of the Mfg Requirements Analyst to rank vendors against client needs. He was the first to publish a comparative evaluation of mid-market integrated accounting software for the PC and went on to evaluate software for manufacturers, contractors, and other industries. Mr. Needle is in a unique position to advise and guide prospective buyers to a solution they can use successfully.

Mr. Needle received a degree in accounting from Syracuse University and a Master’s in Finance from American University. During a 2 year stint in the US Army he revised how government accounting and budgeting was done by the Signal Corp.

During his career he served as CFO for manufacturing and distribution companies as well as a software designer. At CTSGuides he has consulted with a range of companies including IBM, Microsoft, Sage Software, Salesforce and manufacturing companies ranging from $1 million to $250 million in revenue.

He helps manufacturers with a range of issues including:

  • screening their shortlist
  • guiding manufacturers to what is a reasonable budget based on their size and operating mode
  • providing Virtual Consulting services (over the web) with a world class ERP associate, Harry Landsburg, who between them have performed over 400 ERP engagements since the 1980’s
  • performing process improvement studies to see how things are done now and how they should be done in the future to have maximum benefit from a new software solution
  • conducting Business Case evaluations to look at the value of process improvements that relate to customer satisfaction and improved staff productivity to impact on the ROI for the new software solution

Mr. Needle's articles have been published in many leading publications including Journal of Accountancy, CFO, and InfoWorld.



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