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About Sheldon Needle, CEO & Founder of

Sheldon Needle of CTSGuides
Since 1984 CTSGuides’ publications and expertise have been helping companies and their consultants make informed software buying decisions. CEO and Founder, Sheldon Needle, works closely with vendors to understand their product and his daily conversations with VPs of Operations, Controllers, and IT professionals gives him extensive user feedback on software.

Sheldon Needle has published more than 20 guides evaluating software for manufacturing, construction, distribution, medical, legal, and small business environments. His education as an accountant and business experience as CFO for manufacturing and distribution companies and as a software designer all contribute to his ability to help companies identify the best software options. Mr. Needle has also served as a consultant for IBM, Microsoft, Sage Software,, and Bruce Power on software selection issues.

CTSGuides does not rely or use computer filtering tools to make recommendations. Instead, you are able to speak directly with Sheldon Needle and receive an extensive email on his recommendations. The success of is reinforced by Sheldon’s industry reputation. He is well known and respected for his independence, integrity, and expertise.