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About CTSGuides

Our goal is to help business owners and managers make an informed software selection decision using the best content and proper guidance.

Finding the right business software has become more complex as the range and type of software choices has grown. Since 1984 CTSGuides’ publications and expertise have been instrumental in helping thousands of companies evaluate and choose the optimum solution.

We don’t just make recommendations. Anybody can do that.

We back up our recommendations and explain why they are the best options based on your size, primary operating challenges, industry orientation, budget and available internal resources.

CEO and Founder, Sheldon Needle, works closely with vendors to understand their product. We do not use computer screening tools. Instead you are able to take advantage of a personal conversation drawing on our expertise of more than 25 years as publishers and consultants on software selection.

About Sheldon Needle,
CEO and Founder of

Sheldon Needle of CTSGuides

Reasons to Rely on Sheldon Needle

Software Expertise – Sheldon has published more than 20 guides evaluating software for manufacturing, construction, distribution, medical, legal, and small business environments. His daily conversations with VPs of Operations, Controllers, and IT professionals gives him extensive user feedback on the products you might be considering.

Business Experience – Sheldon is an accountant, former CFO for manufacturing and distribution companies, software designer, and consultant. His clients include IBM, Microsoft, Sage Software,, and Bruce Power.

Industry Reputation – Sheldon is well known and respected for his independence, integrity and expertise.