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A Strong In-House Project Manager Can Prevent an ERP Implementation Failure

Good staffing and employee commitment is not everything, but it is more than 50% of what your ERP implementation needs to succeed. Yes, you need the right ERP software, but without the right people to make the software run, you will be unable to make it work right for you.

Cut Your ERP Software Implementation Costs: Use A Jointly Managed Approach

The complications and cost of implementing a new ERP system can be greatly mitigated with thorough planning and a buyer who is willing to commit the necessary staff resources to assist in the implementation and training phases of the project. If you the buyer is willing and able to commit your employees to working on the project, you can cut the cos of ERP implementation significantly.

Manufacturing Software Implementation: A Disaster and Recovery Story

Over the years, I have heard of many scenarios of a manufacturing ERP project getting into trouble. After all, it happens to practically everyone at some point in the implementation. But check out this list and you’ll see something really off the wall.

Effective Project Management for Manufacturing ERP Software Implementations

I used to think that, too, until I attended a recent webcast from MAS-Corp on the subject. I would have to say it was one of the best 30 minute presentations on any software topic I have seen. First, it discussed the typical reasons for a failing ERP implementation and then how to deal with them.Most of these items come under the general category of poor communication.

3 Under-the-Hood Keys to Successful Manufacturing ERP Implementation

This is a guest post by Bernie Goldband on ERp Implementation, Managing Director of Bernard Goldband LLC, and a frequent blogger and consultant at CTS Guides.

Keys to ERP ImplementationManufacturing ERP and MRP software projects have a definite lifecycle which begins with requirements definition and includes the vendor selection, project implementation, and post-implementation audit.

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