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Job Shop Scheduling Software

Better Job Shop Scheduling Software –
Likely the most important way for a job shop to improve profitability

Job Shop Scheduling Software is more than just dragging and dropping jobs into a que. Many prospective buyers of a new job shop program will assume all vendors offer adequate scheduling capabilities compared to what they have now which is probably nothing.

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Job Shop Scheduling: Two Differentiators When Comparing Options


Job Shop scheduling can often be an afterthought in the minds of ERP buyers but the fact is there are significant differences in shop scheduling requirements which can seriously impact shop productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction.

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Why Discrete Job Shop Software and Repetitive Manufacturing Software are Not the Same

In the mid to late 1980’s through the 1990’s two major thoughts took root that changed the manufacturing software picture. First was the idea that manufacturing is only part of the picture; companies still had to deal with Order Entry and the Accounting Systems. Software companies then began to include these modules in an integrated database. This became known as ERP. Second was that as companies continued to grow with increasing order quantities, Job Shop technology was no longer the most efficient way of manufacturing. Aligning work centers into assembly lines for dedicated production facilities provided economies of scale for repetitive manufacturing. Software companies scrambled to adapt their existing discrete applications software to include Repetitive Manufacturing capabilities. Their logic – “we have 90% of the functionality already coded in our product.” This was a fatal mistake. It is the 10% difference combined with the existing functionality that over extends the software product and makes it unwieldy.

Job Shop Manufacturing Software: ATO, MTO, ETO

In the course of searching for new job shop software for manufacturing companies, , the very first and essential step is to carefully define into what manufacturing mode you fit. There are some grey areas, and just throwing a generic description can lead to missteps in looking for the right solution.

This article discusses the differences between various types of job shops in order to screen options.

Job Shop Quotes: How to Properly Quote & Cost the Products You Make

The right costing information helps you understand your Company’s profitability (or lack thereof) . It will also make sure that the right rates are entered into your software’s work center set-up screen.