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75% of Software Buyers Surveyed rate CTS' role in their decision-making process as "VERY HELPFUL!"

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CTS Survey Reveals the Real-World Benefits of CTS' Services

As the need for better business software has grown, CTS’ role as a leading resource for assisting companies to make the right choice in software has grown as well. Why? Because an over-burdened software selection team that doesn’t have time to perform in-depth due diligence on dozens of solutions can turn to a quality site like CTS for help.

Registrants at our website include companies who are looking for range of software from simple manufacturing job shop programs or job cost accounting for contractors, to full blown ERP systems for manufacturers and distributors.


To objectively answer the question, "How does CTS help with the selection process", we sampled a number of companies that registered for the Mfg Software Selection E-Guide and took advantage of our Smart Shortlist Consult™—a free 15-minute phone consultation that helps companies create a software shortlist. Each survey question included multiple pre-defined “pick lists” choices, as well as a free-form field for submitting additional comments. One hundred and fifty prospective software buyers responded.

The results of the CTS Software Selection Survey are surprising at times and reaffirm that, despite the economic downturn, many companies are implementing new software. A summary of our survey results follows.


When we asked the CTS Survey respondents to rate the helpfulness of our services, 95% of the responses were positive; 59% responded with Very Helpful and 36% responded with Somewhat Helpful. As the graph indicates, only 5% of respondents stated that CTS did not play a helpful role in their software selection process.
CTS Survey Chart

Among the respondents who did buy software, 61% purchased a
CTS-recommended solution.

82% of the respondents said about
CTS-recommended solution

" Great fit to our requirements. "
"Right Complexity for our business. "
" Meets our expectations. "

CTS: A Valuable Software Selection Resource

A cautious and thorough approach to evaluating software products and vendors is the best recipe for a successful technology initiative. While it is the software buyer’s responsibility to perform the necessary due diligence to make an intelligent purchase, as the CTS Software Selection Survey demonstrates, expert guidance and quality research materials are valuable tools for lessening the chance of choosing a solution that doesn’t fit your organizations needs and expectations.

To stay competitive in the current market, a new software purchase may be in order. Utilizing CTS’ free published information and Smart Shortlist Consult™ to narrow your company’s choices is an excellent step toward a positive outcome.

  We are actively building our manufacturing methods now and we are on schedule. Your professional expertise and depth were integral to helping my company navigate thru the labyrinth of ERP offerings for mid-market applications. Your guidance on package valuation enabled us to procure a system under budget. 

Ronnie Mack, Vice President
Manufacturing, Nevada Nano


If you are interested in obtaining our Best Practices Mfg Software Selection e-Guide, please follow the link here.