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Integrated Construction Project Management

construction project management software

State of the art Integrated Construction Project Management software give contractors great tools. Let’s examine some of them and compare capabilities.

One of the best ways to distinguish between mid-market construction software offerings is to look at the vendor’s capabilities for Construction Project Management and how it supports various stakeholders in the overall project.
This can involve everything from basic change order management, alerts to staff on exception conditions, reporting important real-time data, modifying and tracking prime contracts and subcontractor agreements as well as reporting over/ under budgets based on tracking costs to date against expected cost to complete and much more.

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Home Builder Construction Software: A Case Study

home construction software

At CTS we were able to steer him away from construction software vendors who were clearly not suitable when it came to cost, complexity, industry focus, vendor reputation, and technology. As a result, he identified the best vendors to seriously consider and that makes the decision making process a lot more manageable.

Construction Software: Why Workflow and Routing are so Important

workflow and routing functions in construction software

What things should you be looking for in a construction software vendor/partner that will help you make the best choice? You will be best served by a solution that has workflow and routing.

Accounting Software for Contractors

criteria for choosing job accounting software for contractors

Choosing mid-market job accounting and project management software for contractors is a challenge due to the number of vendors out there and the appearance that all vendors can do just about anything you need them to do. A key way to make distinctions in your software choices is to look at the history of the vendors themselves. This can involve such issues as vendor ownership, technology and the vendors’ philosophy in delivering training and the quality of its implementation and project management staff.

Contractor Software in the Cloud: What are the Benefits?

Contractor software in 2015: cloud contractor software

Since there is so much being published nowadays comparing cloud vs. on-premise for contractor software, I thought I would revisit some of the topics for clarification purposes. Here are some significant comparison points that many people miss due to misinformation by some vendors.