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AccuBuild Construction Software

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AccuBuild Construction Software is a fully integrated construction management solution with a number of available applications, including accounting, job cost, document management, project management and scheduling.  AccuBuild’s SQL database structure and custom reporting capabilities make it easy to customize the software to meet the needs of a wide variety of contractor types. However, general contractors and homebuilders will find special appeal in this program’s reporting dashboards, project accounting functions, remote payroll time collection capabilities, customizable forms and scheduling functions.

AccuBuild was founded in 1987 by professionals in the construction, accounting and bonding industries. AccuBuild claims that their software is faster to implement than many other construction accounting software products on the market. Some of the company’s more computer-savvy customers have even been able to implement the software on their own, without help from AccuBuild. This construction software program supports multiple companies, but only one company can be open at a time. It should be noted that Accubuild does not reconcile the job ledgers to the general ledger to assure they are always in balance.

AccuBuild Construction Software Highlights:

  • AccuBuild supports a wide range of construction management needs, such as construction accounting with certified payroll, purchase orders integrated with inventory control and project management with document control
  • AccuBuild utilizes the Advantage Database Server (ADS) which provides the power and scalability of higher-end SQL solutions, like Microsoft SQL Server, but at a lower cost
  • The company has a demonstrated history of continuous product development, migrating to a SQL database in 2004 and adding new modules and functionality on a regular basis

AccuBuild Software Updates

May 2016:

Updates for Accubuild VERSION PURPLE are now available to download on the Accubuild site at:

January 2016:

  • Direct Deposit enhancements for Payroll processing: Direct Deposit processing for payroll checks now supports
    a “balanced” NACHA file. This will make direct banking functions easier to handle from within the system.
  • January 2015:

    Accubuild Mobile was introduced near the end of 2014, and it offers great versatility and 24/7 access from anywhere to AccuBuild users, including:

    • Access to custom reports
    • Ability to update update job costs and project management modules directly
    • Employees in the field can enter time card information from the job-site
    • Security software ensures that information entered via mobile devices is safe from tampering

    September 2014:

    The AccuBuild 9201 Teal Update was released on August 29, 2014. This update includes many enhancement for the AccuBuild 9200 Series.

    “Release Notes for 9200 Color Updates” , an explanatory document, is available on the website. Updates are coded by color, and you can find Release notes for the following updates: Blue 12/30/2013; Red 1/07/2014; Green 1/13/2014; Maroon 1/24/2014; Teal 2/12/2014; Purple 2/28/2014; and Aqua 3/31/2014.

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