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Construction Software Selection

Expert Guidance for Smart Construction Software Buying Decisions with Sheldon Needle, CEO and Founder of CTSGuides.com

Sheldon Needle
Expert Advice

Expert Advice

Best fit software and why
to meet your requirements

Expert Advice

Decision Making Tools

Articles, checklist, demo template
to help achieve your selection goals

Expert Advice

Software Insights

Overviews with key highlights and
detailed reviews of your best fit software

Construction Software Selection Consult

45-50 minute conversation with Sheldon Needle digging down into your core challenges, shortlist candidates, and realistic cost expectations. Sheldon will focus on:

  • Your budgetary constraints and future growth expectations.
  • Company staff skills and the impact on choosing software .
  • Daily challenges affecting company productivity .
  • Preferred technology.
  • Discussion on current vendor candidates.

Follow-up email with the following assessment:

  • Pros and cons of vendors under consideration.
  • Price expectations based on the number of users.
  • Additional steps required for an optimum selection decision.
  • User feedback on candidates under consideration.
  • Reviews of recommended software.

Bonus CTS Toolkit including:

  • Construction Software Needs Assessment Checklist with 150 features grouped by module including critical questions to ask and why.
  • Construction Software Demo template to compare and rank vendor demos against your requirements.

Your Cost: $ 295 [payable by credit card after the consult.]

Construction Software Profiles

Overviews of leading construction software including company information, pricing, mode and industry suitability, and highlights.

To discuss whether this Consult is right for you, simply complete this form and CTSGuides will be in touch.


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