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JOBPOWER construction software

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Developed by Applied Computer Systems, JOBPOWER is an integrated construction accounting software program that offers functionality designed to meet the needs of commercial, industrial and residential general contractors, subcontractors, home builders, concrete, drywall, electrical, fire protection, HVAC, mechanical, painting, plumbing, roofing, heavy/highway and other specialty contractors. JOBPOWER is geared toward smaller and mid-sized contractors with less than $10M in revenues.

The strength of JOBPOWER, which has been on the market since 1984, is its focus on job cost accounting. Toward this goal, JOBPOWER includes a wide range of features, including AIA billing, time and material billing, over/under billings, committed cost reports, change orders, Certified Payroll, purchase orders, document management, materials inventory and custom reporting. This solution also has project estimating, scheduling and project management capabilities, along with LEED tracking. JOBPOWER is a trusted product that is generally well-liked by its users; customers report that JOBPOWER is very user-friendly and that the company provides good support services.

JOBPOWER Software Highlights:

  • JOBPOWER can be installed as a single user or multi-user network solution; upgrading from the stand-alone option to the networked version is seamless
  • To extend its functionality, JOBPOWER integrates with other third-party construction software systems, such as VirtualBoss Scheduling, ProEst estimating software and scale management solutions
  • JOBPOWER is developed, sold, installed and supported by Applied Computer Systems
  • DocumentVision, JobPower’s document management system, helps your business store and manage all documents. It has a scan wizard that makes it easy to process faxes, invoices, letters and forms and convert them to PDF files.

JOBPOWER News and Updates

Spring 2016:

The JOBPOWER Job Cost Dashboard helps users see their progress and the status of each job. The dashboard allows users to sort by almost any feature, and group jobs by customer or type.

For sensitive information, JOBPOWER allows you to set up user specific passwords that limit access on a need-to-know basis.

January 2016:

New tax factors and fields for Accounting functions, 2016:

If you do not have the fields for “wages, in excess of” or “additional withholding percent” you are not using the current version of JOBPOWER. Since Tax whithholding rates have changed, you will need to update your tax factors. New rates and information can be found on their January JOBPOWER newsletter.

Winter 2015:

JOBPOWER has an option for complete paperless income tax reporting, first introduced for 2013 reporting.

Some of the new features available to you include:

  • Federal eFile —Electronically file W-2 & 1099 MISC forms
  • Direct filing to any state government
  • Recipient Print and Mail Delivery
  • The eFile option for 1099 – MISC is under Payables/Banking, 1099 MISC. In addition, the
    option Vendor Maint 1099 Mode can be used for either method of filing.
  • The eFile option for W-2 Forms is located under Payroll, W-2’s, Electronic Filing.

Summer 2014:

JOBPOWER is now available in the Cloud, and can be accessed from anywhere on any mobile device.

The Cloud version includes everything for one monthly fee, including hosting, storage, support, users and maintenance. JOBPWER Cloud embeds Microsoft 10 within its Cloud version so that users can edit and create documents from the job site on any mobile device.

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