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The designers of SmartContractor construction software have worked in the construction industry for over 30 years. They know exactly what you’re dealing with and work with construction professionals who use SmartContractor every day to improve the program to meet your needs.

SmartContractor Is:

1 – A set of procedures that help you to run your construction contracting business in an organized, efficient, and profitable way.
2 – A construction business consulting service – we analyze your current operation and show you how to use Smart Contractor software in your business.
3 – Fully integrated construction CRM, estimating, accounting, and project management software specifically designed for small to medium size construction businesses. Integrated software means that you only enter information once and the data is instantly available to all other parts of the system.

SmartContractor Integrates with other software, like:

QuickBooks – When integrated with QuickBooks, SmartContractor does everything a small to midsize general contracting or sub trade construction contracting company needs to manage and account your business.
CAD design and takeoff systems like AutoCAD, CAD Estimator, Cadsoft Envisioneer, Chief Architect, and eTakeoff, OnCenter, to name a few.
Mobile time tracking systems like Exaktime & mJobTime

SmartContractor Is:

Easy to Learn & Use – SmartContractor’s support staff help you hit the ground running. SmartContractor is designed with humans in mind, to tame the complexity of your construction business, and keep you organized, efficient, and profitable. SmartContractor gives you all the tools you need, now, and in the future.

Cost Effective – SmartContractor provides valuable management reporting information, such as estimated versus actual job costs, and gross margin and sales closure rates by sales rep, lead source, or geographic location, so you always know where your business has been and where it is going.

Flexible – SmartContractor was built with input from a wide variety of construction businesses, each with their own specific needs and challenges. The result is a system that comfortably adapts to your way of thinking and your way of doing business. SmartContractor continues to grow by offering our users the opportunity to request enhancements for their individual needs.

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