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Q: What is CTS?

A: CTS is a free service offering reviews, recommendations for your shortlist, and tools to help businesses select software.  There are 4 industry specific Software Selection Kits:

Each Kit includes reviews on how the software works including pros and cons and operating issues to consider; ratings where appropriate; pricing and other comparative facts; selection tools to compare and rate vendor demos, justify the return on investing in new software, and plan for and manage the software implementation. Once you register for a particular Kit, you can use whichever product(s) is of interest to you. You also can take advantage of the optional Smart Shortlist Consult and have a 10 minute consult with industry expert Sheldon Needle, CEO and Founder of CTS Guides.

Q: How does CTS generate revenue?

A: Users register to access the Kit at no cost. Our site is supported by software vendors who pay a flat fee to CTS Guides. Vendors know CTS Guides and look to Sheldon Needle to help businesses sort through the maze of options. We do not sell software or earn commissions for referrals.

Q: What makes CTS different from other software selection services?

A: No other site offers you the level of research in the Kits as well as experience of Sheldon Needle, a recognized industry expert, who has been evaluating software since the early 1980s.

Sheldon NeedleQ: Who is Sheldon Needle?

A: Sheldon Needle is a former CFO, consultant, and software designer who has published over 20 books on software selection for accounting, manufacturing, construction, legal time and billing, time billing and job accounting for architects and engineers, medical, and crm software.

He speaks with business owners and managers every day about software selection and makes personalized recommendations based on their needs and budget. He is widely known and respected  for his independence, integrity and software selection expertise.