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7 Must Do’s To Change ERP Software: The CEO’s Primer

There is no question that buying new ERP software is a major challenge. Between sorting out what is true and what is marketing puffery, preparing test scripts, motivating staff, defining requirements, looking at vendor demos, and computing expected Return on Investment, there is a massive amount of work to do. But just as the buck stops with the President of the United States, the buck will stop with the CEO of the company looking for a new system.

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Manufacturing Software Readiness

Ready to buy new manufacturing software

Ready for New Manufacturing Software? Take the Readiness Test!

Are you and your company ready to start looking for new ERP manufacturing software? Finding the right software requires managers and staff to commit to learning a new system, reviewing and improving business practices, and making the necessary accommodations.

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Job Shop Scheduling Software

Job Shop Scheduling Software

Better Job Shop Scheduling Software –
Likely the most important way for a job shop to improve profitability

Job Shop Scheduling Software is more than just dragging and dropping jobs into a que. Many prospective buyers of a new job shop program will assume all vendors offer adequate scheduling capabilities compared to what they have now which is probably nothing.

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Calculating ERP ROI: A New Machine or New ERP?

Calculate ERP ROI with Cost Justifier

Calculating ERP ROI: Evaluating Return on Investment between buying a new machine or new ERP is not so simple. I’ve found that oftentimes the financial officer or the owner of a company wants more than a “soft” projection of the potential improvements (e.g., improved customer service “What’s that supposed to mean, and how can I take that to the bank?” ) a new ERP application has to offer.

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Job Shop Scheduling: Two Differentiators When Comparing Options

job shop scheduling software


Job Shop scheduling can often be an afterthought in the minds of ERP buyers but the fact is there are significant differences in shop scheduling requirements which can seriously impact shop productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction.

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