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Job Shop Scheduling: Two Differentiators When Comparing Options

job shop scheduling software


Job Shop scheduling can often be an afterthought in the minds of ERP buyers but the fact is there are significant differences in shop scheduling requirements which can seriously impact shop productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction.

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Your Final Mfg ERP Software Shortlist: How to Make the Cut

ERP Selection requires a mathodical approachl


You’ve been pursuing your ERP Selection project methodically, and you are down to the finish line: Your team has finished its preliminary evaluation of multiple software packages. You have narrowed down the vendors in the preliminary search to two preferred solutions. It’s now time to review the two finalists in detail and determine the best one for your company. Here is what you need to do to make the final ERP Selection and lay the groundwork for a successful implementation.

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MFG ERP Pricing: Read Between the Price Tag Lines

erp pricing

In summary, ERP pricing issues like these need to be thought out and discussed with the vendor before the software purchase or leasing agreement is made. Thinking of all the contingencies for implementation and being honest about your in-house capabilities can save you a lot of grief and a lot of money.

A Strong In-House Project Manager Can Prevent an ERP Implementation Failure

ERP implementation success

Good staffing and employee commitment is not everything, but it is more than 50% of what your ERP implementation needs to succeed. Yes, you need the right ERP software, but without the right people to make the software run, you will be unable to make it work right for you.

How Politics Can Sabotage Your Manufacturing ERP Software Selection Project

Manufacturing ERP software selection

Companies will spend money on software thinking all they have to do is buy and have it installed and it will run itself. In truth, many ERP software packages can yield a company great results if they are implemented correctly by competent people. It is the partnership between good software and dedicated competent people that really make for ERP success.