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ERP Manufacturing Software Selection Kit: Download Now

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  • Manufacturing ERP Software Reviews

    Easy to understand reviews and comparisons for 32 software vendors with pros/cons and operating issues by module.

    “Exceptional reviews of ERP products we are considering.”— Kim Muinch, Supply Chain Consultant

  • Shortlist Recommendations from Sheldon Needle

    A consult with Sheldon Needle, CEO with 30 years evaluating mfg software and advising clients. Know the software differences, get insider answers, and confirm you’re on the right track. He will cover issues like cost, complexity, user experiences, vendor reputation, support, technology – all tailored to your particular situation. He will also alert you to vendor practices that can go unnoticed in the fine print of your contract.

    “I asked Sheldon direct questions, he gave me forthright helpful answers and I now understand which packages I should be looking at.” — Damon J Gray, Anvil Corporation

  • Guide to Successful Mfg Software Selection

    How to prepare your proposal, conduct demos, negotiate best price, check vendor references, and more.