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ABAS ERP Manufacturing Software

Intuitive ERP Manufacturing Software

Official Product Name:
Abas ERP
Number of Installations:
350 in North America
Current Version Number:
Minimum System Price:
Cloud Mode:
True Cloud with SAAS Pricing
Mode Suitability:

Make to Stock (or Repetitive) Yes
Make to Order/C TO Limited for CTO
Recipe Batch No
Continuous Process No
Mixed Mode   
(Make to Stock & Custom) Limited
Engineer to Order 3rd party for PLM
Assemble to Order (light mfg) Yes
Industry Suitability:

Aerospace Limited
Electronics Yes
Food & Bev No
Medical Devices Limited
MRO (maint / repair) Yes
Professional Services:

Design/Build to Contract Yes

Founded in 1980, ABAS-USA Business Software (ABAS) has over 2,500 customers worldwide of which 300-plus are in North America. The target market for ABAS is custom manufacturing. The company serves customers from $20M – $150M in the Manufacturing, Distribution, and Service marketplaces that focus on Engineer-to-Order, Make-to-Order and Assemble-to-Order manufacturing.

This is a strong solution for electronics, metal fabricators, plastic injection molding, and tier-two automotive. The software has a separate distribution package and is strong in warehouse management. The system supports multi-plant, multi-currency, and 30 difference languages. Their source code runs in a separate layer so, according to ABAS, custom changes do not affect upgrade compatibility. Users can expect to spend $100 – $125K for a 10-user system, $40K for software, and $50K + for training, implementation and customization.


  • Multi-tier architecture that makes it flexible and allows upgradable solutions.
  • SaaS version runs over a browser and has a subscription price model.
  • Strong warehouse (WH) management – manages WH groups, DRP auto replenishment between location with parameters set by WH like order demand min stock, custom demand for one WH, replenish orders for main and secondary WH.
  • Good applications for POS (point of sale), web portals and e-commerce.
  • Uses third parties for Payroll and MES (real-time shop floor control).
  • A new version is provided each year adding new functions and adopting new technologies.
  • Runs on Linux, Unix and Windows servers.
  • According to ABAS when annual upgrades are completed, individual modifications such as screen fields, custom reports, new functions and macros are not affected and the same functions can continue to be used.
  • Customers can work within the same database in different languages, enabling workflow and communication between foreign subsidiaries.