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Manufacturing Software Applications

Does the manufacturing vendor you are considering offer all of the Manufacturing Software Applications that your industry needs most? What you need for your company’s particular niche within manufacturing software will depend upon your industry, the size of your company, and your budget.

There are many questions you need to ask yourself about your company’s long term and short term goals. Other decisions, such as whether you are looking for local server hosting or cloud-based software will also help you make your software selection. Today, almost all applications are available in the Cloud, as well as via mobile devices.

Below are some of the key applications, including vendors evaluated in the manufacturing software selection kit, that are strong in these areas:

  1. Manufacturing Software
  2. Manufacturing Accounting Software
  3. Manufacturing Inventory Management Software
  4. Production Planning and Scheduling Software
  5. Manufacturing Execution Software (MES)
  6. MRP Software
  7. Bill of Materials Software

Talk to your managers about the points of overlap between these manufacturing software applications. Since all these varied processes–accounting, BOM, MES, and Inventory Management and Scheduling among them — feed each other, it is critical that your managers understand what new software application modules they will need to use and to train for.