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Manufacturing Bill of Materials Software

Bill of materials software is designed to create and maintain the parts lists needed to complete end products, including all assemblies and sub-assemblies as well as shipping supplies if needed. A bill of materials can be created as products are designed, ordered, built or maintained.

The automation provided by bill of materials software is of great benefit to manufacturers that create complex, multi-assembly products or multiple products with similar components. Assemblies built once in the bill of materials software and given a unique part number can be used over and over again for different products as needed. Bill of materials software integrates with the inventory module to ensure that all materials needed during the manufacturing process are accounted for. It can also integrate with the quoting module to expedite the creation of quotations.

An accurate and complete Bill of Materials is used for Advanced Production Planning (APS). This is the application which schedules the ordering and planned arrival of all individual components needed to fulfill a customer order at the time they are needed, with some safety margin, to help insure that only the amount of essential inventory is carried to meet customer order demand.

Bills of Material can be used for both discrete (components) and process manufacturing which might involve liquids. In the case of liquids a bill of materials like formulation would be used to show quantities required for a production batch.

Serialization is another aspect of bills of material whereas a serial number may be assigned to each discrete component of a full build end product for purposes of tracing ingredients in food products or for tracing each component to maintain a high degree of quality assurance for industries like aerospace or medical devices. In the event of some failure the manufacturer will need to go all the back to each discrete component that makes up, for example, some aspect of an airplane fuselage or medical device.