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Compare Manufacturing Bill of Materials Software

Bill of materials software is designed to create and maintain the parts lists needed to complete end products, including all assemblies and sub-assemblies as well as shipping supplies if needed. A bill of materials can be created as products are designed, ordered, built or maintained.

The automation provided by bill of materials software is of great benefit to manufacturers that create complex, multi-assembly products or multiple products with similar components. Assemblies built once in the bill of materials software and given a unique part number can be used over and over again for different products as needed. Bill of materials software integrates with the inventory module to ensure that all materials needed during the manufacturing process are accounted for. It can also integrate with the quoting module to expedite the creation of quotations.

Common Requirements of Manufacturing with Significant Bill of Materials in their Operation

  • Single level or multi-level listing of all components and sub-assemblies that comprise the structure of the top level or end item to be manufactured. The BOM should have unlimited levels of production (indentation)
  • BOM revision level must be tracked for all versions. System must support the ability to create a work order for a prior revision level of a BOM.
  • BOM should be able to accommodate a unique item by modifying the version that is currently in use as a onetime item.
  • Capability to copy and edit a BOM into another BOM.
    Capability to support where used search for any item in any of the BOM’s in the system.
  • User should be able to drill down from the BOM (double click on the BOM line item) to see the item master file information including quantity details.
  • Provide for phantom items, creating a logical build structure where the piece part is not in the item master.

For process industries, the BOM takes on a recipe formant with these additional features:

  • Units of measures capable of being scaled for factional batch processing.
  • In some cases machinery specified in the BOM along with directions including process times.
  • BOM for processing and another for packaging

Vendors to Consider by Type of Manufacturing Include: