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E2 Shop System

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E2 Shop System Software Overview

If you are looking for a job-based manufacturing software program with shop floor control, E2 Shop System from Shoptech might be a reasonable choice. It offers manufacturing scheduling, performance analysis, auto CAD integration, routers and support for ISO manufacturers. It works well for metal fabricators, the electronics industry and assemble-to-order. E2 Shop System is limited for mixed mode shops that use bills of materials of any complexity. The system is Windows-based and utilizes “Point and Click” convenience to eliminate reliance on a keyboard. E2 Shop System is used in over 6000 shops worldwide.

E2 Shop System, developed in 1984, enables shop owners to effectively control shop activity. The software was developed from actual shop experience — both shop owners and shop users participated in its creation and continue to play a vital role in transforming suggestions into product enhancements.

E2 is gradually being moved to MS SQL. Opinions on support vary by customer.

E2 Shop System Software Highlights

  • Supports a wide range of ERP software functions, from quotes, orders and shipments, to materials, scheduling, quality control, contact management and accounting
  • Has an established reputation for providing easy-to-use software for machine shops, job shops and make-to-order (MTO) manufacturers
  • Offers a vast network of regional offices and training centers, a 24/7 technical service center and a strong commitment to innovation and support
  • Quality module supports auto manufactures ISO requirements
  • E2 mobile is a manufacturing software dashboard designed specifically for iPads and other tablets. It is the only mobile app designed specifically for the ERP shop management industry. This app allows shop owners to view critical business information at all times.
  • E2 does not support available to promise/capacity planning
  • Only one accounting period can be posted at a time

E2 Shop System Software Updates

May 2016:

E2 mobile is designed for Ipads and Tablet Pc’s.

Shoptech’s Mobile Dashboard allows E2 Ship System users to track all the most important variables in running their manufacturing business, including profitability, performance, sales, backlog, quoting, shipping, receiving, labor reporting, quality and inventory.

May 2015:

E2 Shop System is fully integrated with Quickbooks. When information is entered into E2, it automatically updates in Quickbooks.

Extensive Virtual Training is available for new E2 Shoptech users (or old users learning about new functions). E2 Shoptech Virtual training is interactive (not video-based) and enables participation by the trainee directly with the instructor.

E2 Shop System’s quality management system (QMS) supports the ISO/TS 16949 standard for automotive suppliers to its ISO Implementation Program. TS 16949 defines the Quality Management System requirements for the design and development, production, installation and service of automotive-related products for the automotive supply chain. The E2 QMS can help customers become certified to meet the ISO/TS16949 standard.

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