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E2 Shop System

E2 Shop Systems Manufacturing Software

Official Product Name:
Number of Installations:
5000+ Worldwide
Current Version Number:
Minimum System Price:
Cloud Mode:
Hosted only
Mode Suitability:

Make to Stock (or Repetitive) No
Make to Order/C TO Make to order, job based
Recipe Batch No
Continuous Process No
Mixed Mode   
(Make to Stock & Custom) Limited
Engineer to Order Limited
Assemble to Order (light mfg) Yes
Industry Suitability:

Aerospace Yes
Electronics Yes
Food & Bev No
Medical Devices No
MRO (maint / repair) No
Professional Services:

Design/Build to Contract No

Developed in 1984, E2 Shop System is a job-based software program with shop floor control that involved both shop owners and users in its development. The system is totally integrated with the base shop floor control system being the core. Additional modules can be added including: Advanced Scheduling, Quality, Fully integrated Accounting, Bar Code Data Collection, Pocketview and Webview. Concurrent users can also be added for network users of E2. A Quickbooks accounting interface is available for shops wanting to stay on this package.

The core shop floor control system includes all of the Estimating/Quoting, Order Entry, Shipments, Purchasing/Inventory, Job schedules, Job costing, Performance Analysis and Time Tracking modules.

The system works well for metal fabricators, the electronics industry and assemble-to-order but is limited for mixed mode shops that use bills of materials of any complexity. It is Windows-based and utilizes “Point and Click” convenience to eliminate reliance on a keyboard.


  • Solid product for straightforward custom shops, excellent integration with QuickBooks
  • Strong in aerospace, electronics, & metals fabrication.
  • Supports a wide range of ERP software functions, from quotes, orders and shipments, to materials, scheduling, quality control, contact management and accounting.
  • Has an established reputation for providing easy-to-use software for machine shops, job shops and make-to-order (MTO) manufacturers but is very problematic for mixed mode operations.
  • Offers a vast network of regional offices and training centers, a 24/7 technical service center.
  • E2 mobile is a manufacturing software dashboard designed specifically for iPads and other tablets. This app allows shop owners to view critical business information at all times.
  • Scheduling is very basic, no capacity planning or available promise.
  • No significant changes to the software in past 10 years.