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ECi M1

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ECi M1 Software Snapshot

M1 began operations in the early 2000’s. It was founded by Aleta Groves in Australia who previously worked for Epicor. ECi Software Solutions acquired M1 in 2011 and the product was renamed ECiM1. In 2014 the company was purchased by The Carlyle Group. ECiM1 is $110M company with 1,000 customers, (275 in Australia, balance in North America).

ECi M1 ( or EC1 Software Solutions) is a good manufacturing software solution for small to mid-size custom and make-to-order operations. With the addition of Acsellerate’s Integrated CRM is working on becoming a better solution for repetitive manufacturers who need forecasting. M1 software is written in Visual Basic, a powerful graphical development environment, and utilizes the industry standard Microsoft SQL Server. ECi M1 software has many unique features, including a robust search ability that supports many criteria; unique reporting capabilities with charts, graphs and drill downs to underlying details; and full integration with Microsoft Outlook. Most users find it fairly easy to understand and use.

ECi M1 software provides total integration and automation from manufacturing quoting software through invoicing. Data entered once via an easy-to-use quote wizard carries through to jobs, purchasing, shipping, invoicing and so forth. It is a manufacturing software solution that supports customization and offers many ease-of-use features, including “Smart Screen Technology”. The company has been in business for over 30 years and supports more than 800 M1 software customers.

The software works well for:

  • Custom metal fabricators
  • Machine shops
  • Auto industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Medical devices manufacturing
  • MRO (like overhauling engines)

ECiM1’s Technology Platform

ECiM1 has used MS SQL as its development platform from the very beginning. The company is fully .net. That means a much better development toolset that is more intuitive for customizing the user’s system to add fields, tables and screens, etc.

ECiM1 has undertaken a new “scrum” approach to speed up the development process and be more responsive to the market place. The development team interfaces daily and new product releases come out each month in segments.

ECi M1 Software Highlights

  • Offers free “view only” M1 software licenses for users who need view and edit-only access to reports, which reduces a company’s concurrent software licensing fees
  • Utilizes “Smart Screen Technology” that changes screens based on the current task to streamline data entry and navigation
  • Provides a wide array of business analysis and productivity tools, graphs, calendars, wizards, explorers and other shortcuts to increase efficiency
  • Excellent value for make to order, configure to order and custom manufacturing
  • Single tenant cloud only with hosted server, not browser based

+ Modifications can be made without affecting source code so there is no problem with customization and compatibility with future releases.
+ Less intensive hardware requirements than most of its competitors

ECi M1 Software Updates

Spring 2016:

ECi M1 just Announced the release of a new product, RockSolid MAX™ Software, which will function like Saas (software as a Service for small hardware stores, home centers and smaller LBM businesses. RockSolid Max runs in the Cloud, and will allow system owners to concentrate on running their businesses while ECi manages their software, data backups, data security, software updates, administration and disaster recovery.

RockSolid MAX also offers:

  • advanced mobile applications
  • an import wizard
  • advanced special-order management
  • multiple units of measure to use for sales
  • integration with Crystal Reports® software

January 2015:

ECi Software Solutions announced the acquisition of Spruce Computer Systems Inc., a NY-based provider of software solutions for lumberyards, building materials suppliers and home centers.

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