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Exact JobBOSS

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Exact JobBOSS Software Snapshot

Exact JobBOSS is one of the most popular quoting, planning and manufacturing software systems on the market. This ERP software solution is built around the needs of the user and strikes a good balance between technology and practical affordability. JobBOSS is a solid manufacturing software choice for small to mid-sized make-to-order or contract manufacturers because it automates shop processes, is flexible enough to support changes and provides the foundation and structure to manage growth.

Exact Software has deployed three distinct product offerings designed specifically for the job shop market. JobBOSS Starter software (designed for the entry-level buyer) offers the core functionality necessary to quote, manage jobs, receive material cost, track labor, ship and invoice, along with integration to QuickBooks for all manufacturing accounting functions. JobBOSS Professional includes all of the traditional functionality of a shop floor system, including full material control, management of inventory, purchasing, planning and fully integrated shop floor scheduling. JobBOSS Enterprise includes all of the features of JobBOSS Professional and extends the solution to include customer relationship management, automated workflow and quality management.

Exact JobBOSS Software Highlights

  • Three distinct editions of JobBOSS give organizations the option of choosing the software tools they need without purchasing more manufacturing software than needed
  • JobBOSS has been on the market for nearly 30 years and has 6.000+ users
  • JobBOSS profile is primarily as a machine shop solution
  • Does not do available to promise/capacity planning
  • JobBOSS claims it is designed so that the typical shop can install and implement the ERP software, train their employees and maximize their business processes within 60 days of purchase
  • EXACT’s Synergy application is available to JobBOSS users who need a robust CRM and Project Management capability. However it is costly and complex to learn.

Exact Software Updates
Spring 2016:

Exact JOBboss offers an interesting eBook, 9 Common Questions that Keep Job Shop Owners Up at Night and Answers to Help You Sleep Better , which is free to download and supplies all kinds of interesting solutions to job shop problems, but you have to register in order to get it.

December 2015:

Exact JobBOSS has announced its integration with KnowledgeSync Event Manager, a BAM (Business Activity Monitoring system) to alert you and your staff to what is going on in your system.

KnowledgeSync offers pre-configured and customizable alerts that you can send to pre-assigned recipients. This real-time monitoring helps keep you and your staff on top of scheduling, business opportnities you might not have known about, and what is going right and wrong at your company.

May 28, 2014:

Exact Software has announced a subscription pricing model for JobBOSS where
you can purchase a core system for $95 per month per seat for a one year
subscription. A three year subscription is priced at $70 per seat.
Installation and training costs would be minimal for users who can make use
of the self-learning on-line documentation.

January 2015:

In the last quarter of 2014, Exact JobBOSS introduced Exact JobBOSS CAD Bill of Material (BOM) Import v2, with new advanced features that enable manufacturers to quickly convert complex CAD BOM data in to production requirements.


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