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Exact Macola 10

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Exact Macola 10

Exact Macola 10 (formerly Macola ES) is an ERP solution designed with Business Process Management (BPM) capabilities, and includes applications for accounting, distribution and manufacturing activities; workflow, document and human resources management; customer relationship management (CRM); and exception management. Exact Macola 10 runs under Microsoft SQL, which allows users to take full advanctage of Microsoft applications.

The manufacturing capabilities within Exact Macola 10 are middle of the road, but this ERP software solution offers superior front office/back office integration with project control and CRM functionality. Exact Macola ES also offers datamart reporting and OLAP data cubes to support strong data analysis. It is interesting to note that Exact has greatly reduced the number of resellers qualified to sell Macola 10.

Exact Software has undergone a number of staff reorganizations over the past few years.

Exact Macola 10 Software Highlights

  • Easy-to-implement and easy-to-use ERP software solution that is developed using industry standard development tools
  • Strong financial accounting applications
  • Strong reporting capabilities provide a high level of organizational visibility, control and measurement
  • Newly released workflow management, BI
  • Very capable for distribution as well as manufacturing
  • Exact customer support is frequently deficient

Exact Macola Software Updates
Spring 2016

More Integrated software solutions become available for ERP products like Macola 10 all the time. Vantage Point EDI for Exact from Data Masons is integrated with ERP Processing so that there are fewer, more streamlined steps and screens to process partner data. Many Macolal products, including Macola 10, Macola Progression SQL, PSQL, and Macola ES are supported. Vantage Point EDI for Exact does not require Macola’s EDI modules or other third-party tools.

January 2016

Exact Macola 10.3 is now available to users and new customers.

This release offers four new enhanncements:

  • Avalara Avatax automated tax software connectivity
  • Spanish language support including the Annex 24 tool, enabling Exact Macola customers in Mexico to report transactions to the government
  • Updates to Mobile applications
  • Windows 10 support

January 2015

Exact Macola 10 offers add-on tools to enhance their product, including EDI, a Labor Tracking module, Planning and Scheduling Software, and a Warehouse Management System.

May 2014

On May 13, 2014 Exact Macola will host the “Exact Macola Evolve Walks for Autism Speaks” walk near its Columbus, Ohio offices. This is a fundraiser for technology products (iPads and other devices) for children with developmental disorders like Autism. Exact Macola is holding a physical and virtual “walk”: and invites all employees, users, and friends to join them on the walk.

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