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Exact MAX

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Exact MAX Software Snapshot

Exact MAX is a true ERP software system that is designed for engineer-to-order and assemble-to-order manufacturing. This manufacturing software solution offers full integration with Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains Accounting, QuickBooks Enterprise and QuickBooks Pro software. Exact MAX is a SQL product with support for MS Reporting Services. When used with the Exact Synergy product, Exact MAX becomes Web-enabled to support customer/supplier functions, such as creating quotes and work orders.

With powerful and flexible batch processing, part management and production planning features, Exact MAX is particularly adept at fulfilling the needs of contract service providers, but can also be deployed in full-service manufacturing facilities. Exact Max offers ERP solutions for companies that make electronics and medical devices, as well as for capital equipment manufacturing and recipe batch food manufacturing.

Exact MAX Software Highlights

  • User-friendly ERP system that handles everything from order entry, materials management and production management, to change management, fulfillment and customer service
  • Open architecture supports integration with accounting programs and smart machines on the shop floor, which results in fewer data entry errors and supports real-time inventory updates
  • Strong regulatory support, with full-featured lot and serial control, makes it easy to maintain traceability levels required by agencies like the FDA and streamlines a potential recall process
  • Does not support multi-plant MRP if all plants are similar and you want to run MRP, scheduling using one Database

Exact MAX Software Updates

Spring 2016:

Max 5.5.7, a new release of MAX, and compatible MAX Anywhere are now available: 5.5.7 addresses over 60 MAX issues important to users, plus MAX Anywhere offers these new capabilities:

  • Easier to generate reports directly directly in many formats, from order screens to print, to email, andr PDF.
  • Buttons added to Customer Info InquiryC to reate Sales Order and Create Quote.
  • Functions to Add Vendor and Add Customers directly

Winter 2015:

Exact MAX Excel Analytics connects directly to your SQL Database. It includes 52 pivot tables to get started, and allows you to create your own customized pivot tables as well. If you know Excel, this tool should be easy to learn and use, and will allow you to drill down to deeper levels of your data than you were able to with standard reporting systems and tools.

Late Spring 2014:

Exact has introduced 4 new major apps to make working from the field and anywhere else, easier: Exact CRM App, Exact Expenses App, Exact HR Self Services App and the Field Service App. All the apps are free, and can be downloaded via iTunes.

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