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Expandable ERP

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Expandable ERP Software Snapshot

Expandable ERP Manufacturing Software offers a full suite of integrated applications designed to help growing companies maximize business performance by maintaining visibility and control of their manufacturing operations. Expandable ERP software includes accounting, engineering and manufacturing modules that provide a solid back office foundation, along with CRM, e-business and supply chain functions that deliver front office tools to manage business relationships and streamline transactions.

Expandable ERP software is a very solid, scalable product that can be rapidly implemented. This manufacturing software solution addresses make-to-stock, make-to-order, configure-to-order and mixed mode (batch process/discrete) environments.  Medical device manufacturing, is a primary focus for Expandable. It is also very capable  for lean manufacturing environments and for other industries with heavy traceability requirements, such as electronics, semiconductors and pharmaceuticals. Expandable ERP software comes with strong customer support and offers very good e-business applications.

Expandable ERP Manufacturing Software Highlights

  • Operates on a SQL Server database platform and includes complete Microsoft standardization
  • Has a client base with approximately 800 installations and offers strong support services
  • Offers flexible deployment options: companies can choose the “on-site” client/server version that offers low total cost of ownership or the on-demand, Web-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) option that lowers an organization’s upfront investment
  • Notable weaknesses include poor documentation, quality control, custom reporting and antiquated financial applications.

Expandable Software Updates

Summer 2015:

Expandable ERP v9.3 was released this summer. Its new enhancements include ways to move previously manual business processes to secure electronic transmissions, and to offer and integrate more mobile applications with ERP processes.

January 2015:

Expandable ERP v9.2, the latest Expandable version, was released during the 4th quarter of 2014. The new version including facilitated cash processing, better solutions for quality assurance system compliance and validation, and integration interfaces for external ERP extensions for distributed business operations around the world.

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