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Global Shop Solutions

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Global Shop Solutions Software Snapshot

We simplify your manufacturing™. For 40 years Global Shop Solutions has provided manufacturers with one of the only fully integrated ERP software systems by manufacturers for manufacturers. Our ERP software system enables accurate inventory, on-time delivery, near perfect quality, lower administrative costs, increased sales, improved customer service, and data in the palm of your hand in real time. The company is the largest fully family-owned ERP software company in the world with zero debt serving thousands of manufacturing customers in over 25 countries by 225+ employees in 7 offices around the world. Global Shop Solutions is proud to have the most successful manufacturing customers in the industry with nearly 150 case studies and testimonials available online.

Global Shop Solutions Highlights

  • Good for Job shop manufacturing where a strong planning, shop floor scheduling and work center management is required.
  • Serves a variety of industries including: Aerospace, Automotive, Concrete Casting, Defense, Display Fixture, Electronics, Energy/O&G, Furniture, General, Green, Machine Building, Machine Shop, Medical Device, Metal Fabrication, Plastics, Rubber, Soft Material, and Wood manufacturing
  • Has offices in the US, UK, Mexico, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand for international users
  • Multiple deployment options such as Cloud/Saas/Web, installation on Windows, and mobile deployment for both Android Native and iOS Native.
  • Some users feel this product is a jack-of-all trades, master of none, each screen has different navigation since they were written by different programmers
  • Company tends to oversell its capabilities

Global Shop Software Updates

July 2016:

With the release of their 2016.1 update, Global Shop Solutions introduces their new Mobile CRM software. Mobile CRM offers customers the ability to carry the power of their manufacturing business in the palm of their hand. Global Shop Solutions’ customer and prospect management tool allows customers to handle important business and manage their manufacturing while away from the shop. Manufacturing executives can access critical data from their phones and tablets; salespeople can pull up goals and customer information on the road; and their customers can access their account from a customized app.

Spring 2016:

Global Shop is offering a new application, called FLOOM:

FLOOOM stands for:

Freight – Labor – Overhead – Outside – Other – Material

FLOOM data base query and reporting options helps customers to break down costs on each and every product they make. FLOOM provides great reporting options, to analyze the cost breakdown on a product line.

January 2016:

Users of Global Shop Solutions ERP can register for free online training sessions almost every Friday in the spring and fall months. Topics for each upcoming Friday Feature are published in advance, at:

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