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Visual EstiTrack

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Henning Visual EstiTrack

Henning Visual EstiTrack is an integrated ERP software solution for shop management that includes a comprehensive suite of applications for estimating/quoting, CRM, sales orders, shop orders, time collection, job costing, visual scheduling, inventory managementb software (FIFO/LIFO with multiple locations and bins), purchasing, receiving, shipping and invoicing. Visual EstiTrack is the ideal manufacturing software solution for mixed mode shops that need strong inventory control and light MRP functionality, rather than a pure custom job shop program.

Visual EstiTrack is a potential option for small fabricators, make-to-order, make-to-stock, assemble-to-order, precision parts and tool and die manufacturers, along with distributors and companies in specialized industrial environments.

Henning Visual EstiTrack Software Highlights

  • User friendly features such as drag-and-drop tools, and interactive visual displays like a Visual Shop Floor and Active Scheduling Gantt Charts with forward and backward scheduling, make learning and using the system easy and efficient
  • Accounting is achieved with either QuickBooks or Henning’s Visual Books accounting system
  • Backed by a software development company that has been in business for over 20 years
  • This is an older product that runs under Visual FoxPro so it’s technology is very out of date with no notable improvements in years

Visual EstiTrack Software Updates

January 2016:

The Visual EstiTrack Executive Dashboard is a new subsystem has been written in .NET and WPF development tools with many new enhanced features to provide managers with with easy-to-use financial and critical shop metrics available through numeric and graphical interfaces.

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