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Manufacturing Software Selection

Expert Guidance for Smart Manufacturing Software Buying Decisions with Sheldon Needle, CEO and Founder of CTSGuides.com

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Expert Advice

Expert Advice

Best fit software and why
to meet your requirements

Expert Advice

Decision Making Tools

Guides, articles, needs assesment checklist and demo template
to help achieve your selection goals

Expert Advice

Software Insights

Overviews with key indicators and
detailed reviews of your best fit software

Free Mfg Smart Shortlist Consult™

  • 15 minute conversation with Sheldon Needle on where you are in the selection process, your core challenges, potential candidates, and realistic cost expectations for options.

  • Follow-up email includes:

    • Detailed reviews of recommended software and why they should be considered.

    • Best Practices Mfg Software Selection eGuide includes how to conduct demos, negotiate best price, check references, and more.

    • Manufacturing Software Needs Assessment Checklist with 135 features grouped by module including critical questions to ask and why.

    • Mfg Software Demo template to compare and rank vendor demos against your requirements.

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    The CEO's 7 Must Do's When Changing Mfg Software

    This article identifies 7 key action items that the CEO should pay attention to as he/she takes on the responsibility of replacing the current software.

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    Calculating ERP ROI: A New Machine or New ERP?

    Evaluating Return on Investment (ROI) between buying a new machine or new ERP is not so simple. I’ve found that often times the financial officer or the owner of a company wants more than a “soft” projection of the potential improvements.

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