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Infor CloudSuite (SyteLine)

IFS Manufacturing Software

Official Product Name:
Info ERP Syteline
Number of Installations:
4400+ Worldwide
Current Version Number:
Minimum System Price:
Cloud Mode: True Cloud    
Mode Suitability:

Make to Stock (or Repetitive) Yes
Make to Order/C TO Yes
Recipe Batch Yes
Continuous Process No
Mixed Mode   
(Make to Stock & Custom) Yes
Engineer to Order Yes
Assemble to Order (light mfg) Yes
Industry Suitability:

Aerospace Yes
Electronics Yes
Food & Bev No
Medical Devices Yes
MRO (maint / repair) Yes
Professional Services:

Design/Build to Contract No

Infor CloudSuite Industrial (formerly Syteline) is a complete ERP system with customer service, estimating, inventory control, shop floor control, purchasing, financial, and employee relations modules.The new name reflects its new platform as a true single source- multitenant browser based solution running on a hosted system.

Infor CloudSuite differs from its sister product, Infor Visual ERP, in that its state of the art technology back-bone is Infor’s Mongoose development platform. Even though there is a functional overlap in capabilities, SyteLine is commonly targeted at larger enterprises ($100M+) which have already budgeted for higher IT requirements whereas Infor Visual is usually targeted at enterprises under $100M.

Infor CloudSuite (SyteLine) software offers powerful functionality in all areas of manufacturing – from bill of materials and shop floor control to inventory management software for manufacturing, engineering and order processing – accommodating a full range of engineer-to-order, make-to-order and make-to-stock manufacturing scenarios. Flexible pricing options and “what if” product configuration easily accommodates on-the-fly modifications. SyteLine features robust and integrated costing, Customer Order Management, Product Life Cycle Management and Product Configuration Management, providing immediate visibility into key areas of the business and streamlining the decision-making process.

Infor CloudSuite (SyteLine) is written using tools that permit users to personalize the capabilities of the system without requiring source code changes. This adds significant value, which includes superior performance, the ability to perform sophisticated queries, generate custom reports easily and utilize the automatic crash recover utility. Cloudsuite (Syteline’s cloud option) is more of an IT centric alternative and available on Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) cloud. Infor Visual is considered more of an off the shelf solution (‘you see what you get’) while SyteLine can be modified to do almost anything. SyteLine is becoming popular for Clients who anticipate a higher degree of customizing than what its sister ERP, Visual accommodates. Cloudsuite costs about twice as much as Visual to purchase and deploy.

Needless to say, purchase and successful deployment of this product demands robust IT resources by the buyer.


The product’s advanced technology, rich functionality and expert services enable organizations to manage their operations efficiently, reliably and cost-effectively by providing:

  • ION technology provides seamless integration between various applications.
  • Complete Configuration. SyteLine’s complete product configuration system tightly links order requirements with the rest of the manufacturing and delivery processes, minimizing confusion when changes inevitably occur.
  • Infor CloudSuite (SyteLine) supports extensive cycle counting and variance reporting procedures to assure valid inventory counts.
  • Personalization changes are protected when upgrades come out.
  • New version has a better visual scheduler (more like Infor Visual ERP).
  • Extensive global reach with support/sales offices in 50 countries.
  • Project Management for tracking planned schedule and costs to actual with integration to MS Project for CPM.
  • Not recommended for companies under $80M revenues.