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Made2Manage ERP for Manufacturing

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Made2Manage Software Snapshot

Made2Manage ERP software represents a complete suite of integrated manufacturing software applications, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCH), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Collaboration. The customer profile for this manufacturing software product is engineer-to-order and configure-to-order manufacturers. Made2Manage ERP software clients operate in a wide variety of industries, including electronics, fabricated metals, furniture and fixtures, industrial and commercial machinery, computer and office equipment, farm machinery and equipment, rubber and plastics and analytical and measuring instruments.

In 2012 Consona Corporation, makers of Made2Manage ERP, and CDC software merged to form Aptean. The company has over 1500 employees, and sales and support staff across the world.

Made2Mnage was originally written in FoxPro, and went through other migrations to run on a Microsoft SQL Server database. In the summer of 2015, Aptean launched Made2Manage 7.5, now running completely on Microsoft .NET technology, with Microsoft SQL Reporting Services running its reporting engine. The Microsoft .NET customization tools make it easier to customize Made2Manage to your specific business needs.

Made2Manage ERP Software Highlights

  • Designed to optimize business process management by incorporating standard workflow processes for tasks such as job orders, quality management and shipping/receiving
  • Supports flexible system configurability and integration with SolidWorks software tools and Microsoft Outlook
  • Owned by Aptean, which delivers industry-specific and cross-industry ERP software, engineering software and CRM solutions to more than 4,500 customers worldwide
  • Its latest release, Version 7.5, claims to be 100% .NET, SOA, n-tier architecture
  • Some users have reported that the product is still not full .NET and is buggy
  • Will not integrate with MS CRM due to incomplete .NET upgrade
  • Custom reports written on prior versions are not upward compatible and must be rewritten

Made2Manage (M2M) Software Updates

May 2016:

A Made2Manage consulting group, Progressive Edge, is developing many new aps for Made2Manage ERP Users, including IIR – Intelligent, Interactive, Reports (A Business Intelligence tool); BOMM – The Bill of Material Manager; and Cloud-based PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) tool.

Summer 2015:

Made2Manage 7.5 offers new software functionality to users including:

  • Easilly customized Shop Floor Manager and Planning & Scheduling
  • Bar-code posting delivered as a service, to make it easier for IT support staff
  • Advanced Engineering Change Order feature allows multiple item engineering changes and approvals
  • Set multi-currency transaction as functional or transactional,or to view them both ways
  • Individual line item control for sales orders so that they can be Cancelled, Put on Hold or Closed without effecting the whole sales order

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