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Sage 300 2016 and Sage 300c

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Sage 300 ERP Software Snapshot

Sage 300 2016, formerly known as Sage 300 ERP and Sage Accpac ERP, integrates with MISys manufacturing and includes excellent financial accounting and distribution capabilities as well. Geared toward small and mid-size companies, this product is designed primarily as a repetitive manufacturing solution that performs MRP software functions. It can also handle recipe batch manufacturing, but lacks capacity planning and project accounting.

Sage 300 and Sage 300c: How do they differ?

Sage 300c has an html web interface and is accessible on any device, including tablet and phone.

Sage 300 ERP Manufacturing software is a scalable system. Organizations can start with Basic Manufacturing and expand functionality with additional modules, such as Advanced Purchasing, Advanced Production, Material Requirements Planning, Shop Floor Control, Serial/Lot Tracking Labor Tracking and Bar Coding.

For larger firms, the solution can support hundreds of concurrent users on Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and above. Flexible deployment options include desktop PC installation, company Intranet or hosted cloud deployment. This solution has been on the market since 1982, and has always focused on delivering user-friendly MRP software functionality to small-to-medium sized manufacturers.

Sage 300 Software Highlights

  • Is a good choice for both domestic and international operations
  • Very capable for recipe batch or repetitive/MRP operations
  • Recognized for receiving high performance and usability ratings, and for offering a low total cost of ownership
  • Sage 300 ERP software has been installed at over 7,000 sites in 47 countries, making it one of the most installed manufacturing software solutions in the world
  • Runs on-premise or cloud

Sage 300 Software Updates

Spring 2016:
Some of the many updates offered in Sage 300 3016 are:

  • With the option to install web screens, Sage 300 2016 can be run in your web browser from anywhere
  • Document posting date and Document Date will appear in the GL detail (this feature had been dropped in more recent versions, but has been put back in the 2016 version).
  • Ability to post changes directly from the transaction screen
  • A new “Entered by” field on the GL journal to that you can track changes more easily
  • More controls prevent users from accidentally clearing VAT details
  • Detailed authorzation reports, including User Interface authorizations

  • An “alert” field that posts for sales orders when ship dates and delivery dates conflict

January 2015:

The next release of Sage 300 coming down the pike, Sage 300 ERP 2016, will only support SQL Server – and will no longer support Oracle and Pervasive.

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