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Plex Systems

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Plex Systems Software Snapshot

Plex is an ERP system developed for an auto parts manufacturer and expanded to address issues in several industry verticals. Purchased in June 2012, Plex is owned by Francisco Partners, a private equity group specializing in high tech business. Plex’s main office is in Troy Michigan and has about 300 employees with about 750 clients; each client may have multiple installs.

Plex Systems specializes in SaaS, Software as a Service, or “Cloud Computing,” which means you do not purchase or run the software on your server. The application and your data reside on a server provided by the vendor which is accessed via secured web connections. Your technical responsibilities include maintaining web access and the network running at your location. Maintenance of the application and the database is handled by the vendor. Implementation and integration are performed mostly through Plex’s own consultants but several partner relationships are used for sales and implementation.

Plex Systems powers over 1,100 plants in 20 countries with a 95% renewal rate and over 75% of customer employees log into Plex every day. Plex provides its entire ERP solution via an online service, meaning users need nothing but a log-in and a web browser to get started. Unlike retrofitted solutions that claim to be in the cloud, Plex provides a single technology stack to all of its customers, meaning lower costs, higher scalability, and access to continuous innovation.

Plex Systems Software Highlights

  • Plex is best suited to repetitive discrete manufacturing for Make-to-Order (typical in Auto) and Make-to-Stock.
  • Plex is focused on Motor Vehicles, Aerospace and Defense
  • Plex is best suited to companies of $15M+ in revenues and multiple plants
  • Plex was designed from the ground-up to connect suppliers, manage materials, control machines, and deliver the accounting, human resources and business intelligence manufacturing organizations need.
  • Fully integrated EDI as well as key trading partner mappings are included.
  • Complete machine integration means Plex connects people and machines and tools on the plant floor.
  • Plex is a unified comprehensive suite. Every aspect of the Plex Manufacturing Cloud Plex has been organically built based on customer needs.

Plex Software Updates

May 2016:

Plex is now offering PLEX UX (user experience), a role-based user experience integrated with Google Glass. It enables people — employees and customers — to connect easily with information and people in the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.

January 2016:

The Plex upgrade process is continuous: Plex integrates system updates across their entire customer base on a daily basis. Users can opt to take advantage of new innovations as soon as they become available. Plex notifies users when new functions are available, allowing customers to then activate new features at their own discretion.

Plex has One low annual subscription fee, which supports unlimited users and machines for your enterprise as well as all of your customers and suppliers. Thesubscription includes server hardware, software, support, security monitoring, off-site back-ups, more.

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