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ProShop ERP

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Because of its founding roots in manufacturing, ProShop ERP is designed to handle exactly what small to medium sized manufacturing companies need. ProShop is delivered entirely and natively over web protocol. ProShop has built an impressive suite of tools for companies doing complex manufacturing in regulated industries – like aerospace and medical. Adion Systems (Pro Shop’s corporate name) claims they can often replace 2-4 other applications (MES, CMMS, QMS, etc) with ProShop. This suite of applications provides great value because it is all integrated.

ProShop ERP was designed by machinists, inspectors, buyers, planners, schedulers, and others instead of software people. So ProShop claims it is much more efficient at doing the work than other systems. Their customers experience significant reductions in labor overhead (actual people needed) and/or are able to expand without adding staff. Total ROI with this product can be exceptional when it is targeted at the right environment.

While ProShop ERP supports robust job costing, inventory, WIP, time-clock data, it does not have a full fledged accounting package. Most customers use Quickbooks along with ProShop with integrations between them. But because of how Pro is designed, it does not make much use of Quickbooks. This is a non-starter for some companies, more often bigger ones (100+ people). But for many smaller shops, this is a nonissue. Many ERP systems are strongly accounting based but poor in operations, or stronger in operations but limited for accounting. For now, ProShop has invested in the operations side at the expensive of accounting.

A typical install for 10 users would be about $15-20k to purchase or $600 per month on subscription. For 50 users, it would look more like $60k-$70k to purchase or $2,500/month on subscription.

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