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Manufacturing Software Readiness

Ready for New Manufacturing Software? Take the Readiness Test!

Are you and your company ready to start looking for new ERP manufacturing software? Finding the right software requires managers and staff to commit to learning a new system, reviewing and improving business practices, and making the necessary accommodations.

Answer the following 10 questions and find out if you are ready to start the search. Each response is allocated a point value corresponding to the importance of the question. At the end of the questionnaire, add the scores to rate your company’s performance and hence readiness. For best results do not look at the scale until you finish all the questions!

1. Do you have senior management support?

10 – Yes, they are committed with one executive taking responsibility.

8– Yes they support our efforts with one executive providing guidance.

6 – We have a steering committee.

0 – The project has been delegated to the managerial but not the executive level.

2. Have you defined quantitative benefits associated with the ERP systems implementation?

10 – Yes we have with department managers signed-up to achieve them

8 – Yes, we have a general idea.

5 – We need the technology, the benefits will follow.

0 – We do not need to have quantitative benefits.

3. Have you a definitive requirements definition for the software?

10 – Yes, very detailed.

8 – Only one or two of the more unique company or industry practices

5 – Only some of the newer practices are needed, the rest have been used for years.

0 – We just need a standard ERP system, they are all an 80% fit, will adapt.

4. Are you prepared to re-engineer business practices to match the ERP software?

10 – Yes, all necessary practices

7 – Only one or two problematic practices

0 – We are unique and our practices are working fine, just need the software.

5. Has a non-IT project manager been named and allocated to provide a significant portion of their time on the ERP project?

10 – Yes, has been allocated 100% of their time.

8 – Yes, has been allocated 75% of their time.

6 – Yes, has been allocated 50% of their time.

0 – Yes, has been allocated less than 50% of their time.

6. Are all departments committed to the success of the ERP implementation with job performance measures and bonuses depending on a successful implementation?

10 – Yes, with more than 80% of the performance review committed to the successful implementation.

8 – Yes, with more than 70% of the performance review committed to the successful implementation.

6 – Yes, with more than 60% of the performance review committed to the successful implementation,

0 – No ratings assigned.

7. Do you have a budgeted amount for your ERP system (Tier 1 or Tier2) covering Software and implementation and consulting support?<

10 – $25,000 per user

8 – $15,000 per user

6 – $ 10,000 per user

0 – Less than $5,000 per user

8. Are your employees educated in the disciplines associated with their career? (Note education is different from job training where the employees know their job. At issue is are they knowledgeable to participate in software selection?)

10 – Yes and many employees are certified through APICS.

8 – Yes and many have taken supply chain courses.

6 – Employees are just trained to do their current job.

0 – We need to provide significant employee training.

9. How accurate are your Bills of Materials or Formulas?

10 – Greater than 98%

7 – Greater than 90%

5 – Greater than 85%

0 – Less than 85%

em>10. How accurate is your inventory?

10 – Greater than 95%

8 – Greater than 90%

5 – Greater than 85%

0 – Less than 85%

Total the Ratings and Determine your Readiness for New Software:

90 or better – Excellent opportunity for success.

80 or better – Good opportunity for success but improve key area before you start.

less than 80 – Do not undertake an ERP implementation. Understand your environment and correct the issues before proceeding.