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Sage Enterprise Management (formerly Sage X3)

Intuitive ERP Manufacturing Software

Official Product Name:
Sage ERP X3
Number of Installations:
450 in North America
Current Version Number:
Minimum System Price:
Cloud Mode:
True Cloud
Mode Suitability:

Make to Stock (or Repetitive) Yes
Make to Order/C TO Yes
Recipe Batch Yes
Continuous Process Yes
Mixed Mode   
(Make to Stock & Custom) No
Engineer to Order No
Assemble to Order (light mfg) Yes
Industry Suitability:

Aerospace No
Electronics No
Food & Bev Yes
Medical Devices Yes
MRO (maint / repair) No
Professional Services:

Design/Build to Contract No

Sage ERP X3 a fully-integrated ERP software solution that is functionally-robust across manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, CRM and accounting. Designed for mid-sized manufacturers and distributors in the discrete, process, distribution and service industries, Sage ERP X3 also incorporates supply chain management and finite capacity planning functionality. This ERP software also meets the challenges faced by formula-based manufacturers by providing an industry-compatible set of enterprise-wide functions and features: including formula and recipe management, quality control, shelf life management with expiration date control, by-product management and full lot traceability.

Originally developed and sold in Europe as Adonix, it was purchased in 2010 by Sage Software. Sage Enterprise Management is a multilingual, multicurrency ERP software solution with enterprise-level applications for finance, sales, inventory, CRM, purchasing and manufacturing. It offers a flexible, open architecture, Web Services platform and interoperability with other business software applications.


  • Sage ERP X3 is best known for its process manufacturing capabilities (food and beverage, chemicals, etc.), but it is also a strong solution for distributors with warehouse management requirements.
  • Provides a complete array of industry-specific functionality required by food and beverage companies including the management of formulas and recipes, potency, by-products, multiple packaging units per product, and shelf-life.
  • Can deploy all or part of the X3 functions (finance, sales, CRM, manufacturing, purchasing andinventory management) according to your requirements, one step at a time.