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SYSPRO ERP Software Snapshot

SYSPRO is a fully integrated business software (ERP) solution that provides control over the planning and management of all facets of business including accounting, operations, manufacturing and distribution in a variety of industries.

Over 14,500 licensed companies in over 60 countries use SYSPRO. With one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry SYSPRO clearly differentiates itself by offering elevated service levels and a personal one-to-one relationship with its customers. SYSPRO is one of the few mid-market business application vendors focused on developing a single source solution. This ensures that there is one installation and no complex integrations.

SYSPRO ERP specializes in delivering software specifically for manufacturing and distribution businesses. Every component of the business including financials, sales, CRM, inventory, operations and the supply chain is controlled through SYSPRO. This clear business focus as well as differential functionality delivered around four Super Vertical industries; Food and Beverage, Medical Devices, Machinery and Equipment and Electronics, is the reason SYSPRO has been able to keep its customers happy for over 30 years.

SYSPRO ERP Software Highlights

  • Built on the latest Microsoft .NET technology
  • SYSPRO encompasses all aspects of ERP, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, CRM, Warehouse Management, E-commerce, Advanced Planning and Scheduling and Business Analytics.
  • SYSPRO offers a single source end-to-end solution with extensive inventory capabilities
  • Addresses all aspects of the manufacturing spectrum including job shops, make to order, make to stock and repetitive environments. This diverse functionality has made it well suited for the needs of “mixed mode” (hybrid) manufacturers.
  • SYSPRO offers an excellent fit for batch process and blend to order manufacturers such as chemical, food and pharmaceutical production.
  • SYSPRO software is sold by the application or module so it is a very scalable solution

SYSPRO ERP Software Updates

Spring 2016:

Syspro offers users a choice of cloud based solutions for hosting their ERP software:

  • SYSPRO BusinessLive – SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)subscription-based service with the full Syspro ERP Solution hosted in the Cloud
  • Managed Services – IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) is is a rental option on hardware only. Users will still be responsible for the purchase, licensing and maintenance of software.
  • Cloud Platform

  • You can host your SYSPRO system directly on a cloud platform, such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services

January 2016:

Syspro has announced that its mobile application, Espresso, built on the Microsoft Universal Windows Platform, is offering a new enhancement, “Continuum” on Microsoft Windows 10. Continuum creates a desktop-like experience for Syspro ERP users by allowing the mobile user to plug a mobile device into any external monitor, and turn the smartphone into a PC-look-alike application.

“Very simply,” says SYSPRO USA CEO Brian Stein, “the user interface will adjust itself according to the device needs of each individual user.”

January 2015:

The new SYSPRO USA Container Tracking Module offers Manufacturers and Distributors instant visibility, predictability and incorporated analytics for existing SYSPRO ERP customers.

July 2014:

SYSPRO ERP’s Espresso Mobile Solution is seen as a great executive management tool to help manages make use of their ERP data. According to Mint Jutras, a research firm specializing in Enterprise solutions, SYSPRO ERP 7 will allow managers to access their ERP data from anywhere on their own devices, and will help convert the ERP data into a real go-to management tool.

March 2014:
RiteSoft, a provider of software that automates data collection for small business manufacturers, announced that its new product, riteSCAN v33, is compatible with SYSPRO ERP’s new SYSPRO ERP 7 software.

February 2014:

SYSPRO ERP 7, soon to be released, offers an upgraded mobile solution, SYSPRO ERP Espresso

Some features:

  • Will work on any mobile device including a desktop or laptop
  • Customizable and adaptable for non-techies
  • Works offline, as well as while connected
  • Apps can be developed using standard C# and HTML 5 code
  • Uses standard SYSPRO ERP tools and data protection services to ensure data integrity and delivery of secure content. Also allows smooth flow of data into standard SYSPRO ERP operations and databases.
  • Built in remote security access and authentication
  • Built in application device management

SYSPRO ERP 7 works on the Android, iPhone/iPad, and Blackberry

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