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SYSPRO ERP Manufacturing Software

Intuitive ERP Manufacturing Software

Official Product Name:
Syspro ERP Software
Number of Installations:
2500 in North America
Current Version Number:
Minimum System Price:
$50,000 +
Cloud Mode:
Mode Suitability:

Make to Stock (or Repetitive) Yes
Make to Order/C TO Limited for C TO
Recipe Batch
Continuous Process No
Mixed Mode   
(Make to Stock & Custom) Yes
Engineer to Order Yes
Assemble to Order (light mfg) Yes
Industry Suitability:

Aerospace Yes Tier 2 only
Electronics Yes
Food & Bev Yes
Medical Devices Yes
MRO (maint / repair) Limited
Professional Services:

Design/Build to Contract Limited

SYSPRO is a fully integrated business software (ERP) solution that provides control over the planning and management of all facets of business including accounting, operations, manufacturing and distribution in a variety of industries.

Over 14,500 licensed companies in over 60 countries use SYSPRO. With one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry SYSPRO clearly differentiates itself by offering elevated service levels and a personal one-to-one relationship with its customers. SYSPRO is one of the few mid-market business application vendors focused on developing a single source solution. This ensures that there is one installation and no complex integrations.

SYSPRO ERP specializes in delivering software specifically for manufacturing and distribution businesses. Every component of the business including financials, sales, CRM, inventory, operations and the supply chain is controlled through SYSPRO. This clear business focus as well as differential functionality delivered around four Super Vertical industries; Food and Beverage, Medical Devices, Machinery and Equipment and Electronics.


  • Built on the latest Microsoft .NET technology.
  • SYSPRO encompasses all aspects of ERP, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, CRM, Warehouse Management, E-commerce, Advanced Planning and Scheduling and Business Analytics.
  • SYSPRO offers a single source end-to-end solution (except for Quality and Configuration Control) with extensive inventory capabilities.
  • Designed for make to stock but can also handle many mixed mode environments. SYSPRO offers an excellent fit for batch process and blend to order manufacturers such as chemical, food and pharmaceutical production.
  • SYSPRO software is sold by the application or module so it is a very scalable solution