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Compare Manufacturing Warehouse Management Software

Warehouse management is an application module that is often part of manufacturing / ERP software solutions. With warehouse management software, manufacturers can maximize warehouse operations by adding logistics and planning to fulfillment operations. Like most manufacturing solutions, warehouse management software is all about using workflow to increase efficiencies and profit margins. It contributes to better inventory control and order fulfillment accuracy while reducing labor-intensive manual tasks. Perhaps most importantly, warehouse management software helps track and move inventory and ensure on-time customer shipments.

For some additional insight into warehouse management issues, see the website of the International Warehouse Logistics Association.

Some of the more advanced features of warehouse management can include:

  • Review flexibility of warehouse location designations. If needed understand how warehouse physical locations are then broken down as warehouse shelf or area locations and how both are linked when necessary.
  • Determine warehouse pull structure between primary, secondary, and overstock locations when large quantity orders are involved.
  • Verify that needed pick, pack, and ship functionality is available based on your Company’s detailed needs, particularly if your Company is delivering to a major retailer.
  • Ability to check specific inventory over specified time periods.
  • Store staff should be able to send orders straight to the warehouse or build an order from a hand-held device.
  • Lot control: ability to tell when warehouse items have passed an expiration date.
  • Verify support for activities like walking sequence for pulling orders, zone picking, partial picking on incomplete line items, and early picking of future orders.