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EMR Telemedicine in 2017

emr telemedicine in 2017

EMR Telemedicine integration in 2017

Though we don’t which new rules will be implemented into healthcare law in 2017 we live in a digital world that will encourage the further integration of telemedicine into regular primary care, and thus into EMR basic services. Both for the patient and the doctor, this brings blessings and curses: the balance between more personal relationships with a caregiver that an in-person visit offers and the quick connect of an electronic visit that does not impose long travel and waiting room time is a delicate seesaw. There is also the matter of re-imbursements: insurance companies and the government healthcare services have to decide how telemedicine visits are billed and paid.
What are the questions to ask EMR vendors about their Telemedicine options?

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Can Healthcare Big Data Analytics Really Help Your Small Medical Practice?

Healthcare big data and the small medical practice

Many observers of the trend toward integrating healthcare big data analytics into your EMR are very skeptical about how you can use big data in a small medical practice. Some would say that the small amount of data that a small medical practice generates is not enough to do predictive analytics both for revenue purposes and for clinical purposes. But that is a mistake: you don’t need all of the data that you analyze to come from your own practice. Good healthcare big data analytics integrate external databases and can use such data to compare your own patient data to larger trends in clinical medicine and medical practice management.

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Texting PHI to Patients and HIPAA Compliance

testing PHI to patients


If you are upgrading your EMR, one thing you are surely thinking about is texting PHI and the limits of secure text messaging. Is there a way to text PHI that is secure, legal, and not burdensome to you, your staff, and your patients? Considering that most people use text to communicate basic information these days, it seems odd for doctors not to text their patients. But HIPAA rules are strict for electronic devices, and penalties for HIPAA non-compliance are stiff.

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Google Glass for Medical Scribes and EMR

google glass for medical scribes

Here is why: Google Glass for EMR is being thought of differently: It looks like another biotech company sees googlel glass for medical scribes as offering different types of advantages:

EMR Interoperability or EMR Portability?

EMR Interoperability and Patient Data Portability

Because patient-centered data is ultimately, doctor-centered data. Is EMR Interoperability the real issue? As the doctor, you are the stand-in for your patient, and not for the EMR vendor or the insurance company. Can data portability become that real, that transparent, that it can be picked up and toted in a flash drive and find it’s way cogently, and in a reasonable format, into another computer and another system? Let us hope so.