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e-Prescription Medical Software is Available for Free to Doctors

According to the National ePrescribing Patient Safety Initiative or NEPSI, prescription errors injure 1.7 million Americans every year, and take 7,000 lives.

If your practice has yet to invest in Medical Practice Management Software or Medical Billing software, you can get still get top of the line e-Prescription (electronic prescription) software for free by signing up with the NEPSI.  The National ePrescribing Patient Safety Initiative is dedicated to helping prevent medical errors caused by prescription errors. The software is based on ePrescribe from Allscripts ™, and is available to physicians for free by Allscripts and the other NEPSI sponsors.

Allscripts e-Prescription software does not have to be used in conjunction with other medical practice software.  It is a stand-alone web-based product.  It is encrypted and contains other safety and security precautions, and thus protects the privacy of doctors, and their patients’ data.  Allscripts ePrescribe™ provides a complete medication database to users, along with clinical decision support and reference material.

Benefits of e-Prescription Software

  1. Handwriting mistakes are avoided
  2. All prescriptions are checked for drug interactions, allergies, dosing errors, pregnancy related issues, and other related problems
  3. Electronic medical record is created based on the patient drug information
  4. Comprehensive drug database is maintained and kept up-to-date
  5. Prescription refills are easy and fast
  6. Communication is improved between doctors and pharmacists
  7. Helps doctors and their patients to identify less expensive medication options
  8. Provides up-to-date drug coverage insurance information

Allscripts, the medical software company, Dell computers, Microsoft Corp, Sprint Nextel Corp, and SureScripts ™ and a host of other corporate health, medical, and communications-related companies sponsor this initiative across the United States. Allscripts and the other sponsoring vendors do not make money on this offer. They are engendering good will and hopeful that some physicians will try their medical practice software products down the road.  An Allscripts customer service team provides training and support for the product’s use. The Allscripts software is also designed to be interoperable with other vendors’ e-health records software.

You must be a physician in order to register.  Only one physician per practice can register for the program (although more practice members can register later).  Physicians can register on line for this e-prescriptions program at: