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Medical Laboratory Software
Reviews and Ratings

Medical Clinical Laboratory software can help turn around lab results more efficiently, speeding critical information to physicians for their patients. Many medical practice management software packages and EMR / EHR software integrate their laboratory management software with the rest of their system so that the flow of data is smooth.

A lab system should function as a database for all lab test results, and related medical imaging as well. It should be able, minimally to perform the following functions: reporting

  • Data acquisition from a other systems and medical instruments
  • Integration with billing and patient web portal modules
  • HIPAA compliant secure software
  • Lab inventory management system
  • Generate and print lab reports
  • Access and transfer secure data to and from other systems

Current medical lab software often includes interfaces to the better known practice management systems. If clinical lab software is important to you, and you want to retain your current practice management system, you need to find a medical lab software package that is compatible with you PM software.