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NextGen Healthcare

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NextGen Healthcare offers medical software for:

  • Hospitals and Health Systems: Connects to large, multiple-location enterprises to share clinical and administrative data while complying with privacy laws and extend EMR and EHR capabilities to smaller community practices
  • Group practices: Flexible and customizable software. NextGen standardizes patient information collected by multiple providers, while still allowing providers to individually document their own workflow. NextGen integrates administrative and clinical data to maintain one fluid patient picture.
  • Small Practice Groups: NextGen has an inexpensive software-as-a–service option so that smaller practices can benefit from the NextGen practice Management Capabilities with out large financial outlays.

NextGen defines its featured products as: Electronic Health Records (EHR); Enterprise Practice Management (EPM); Community Health Solutions (CHS); and NextMD Patient Portal; and Revenue Management Services to help operate your healthcare organization as a profitable business. Among the many features NextGen offers:

  • Clinical templates and workflow for 25 subspecialties
  • Point-of-care data capture to meet clinical reporting guidelines for pay-per-performance government incentive programs
  • ICD-9 to ICD-10 mapping and transition readiness
  • High degree of interoperability with medical software systems and devices
  • Reduce Medication Errors with e-Prescribing & Medications Tools
  • Data integration modules with other NextGen products
  • Easy referral management
  • Security features to protect patient data privacy
  • Interfaces for lab and device connectivity
  • E-prescription and medications module to prevent possible dangerous drug interactions
  • Image management capabilities – for scanning and importing medical image data
  • Electronic referral management capabilities
  • Reporting capabilities

Doctors and staff can attend courses at one of four state-of-the-art facilities, and / or take self-paced online eLearning, and train virtually by WebEx®.

NextGen Healthcare also has what they call a non-billable support program, in which a specialist is assigned to your practice for 6 to 9 months to help you implement your software correctly and within the workflow needs of your practice.

NextGen is CCHIT Certified.

NextGen Software Updates

Winter 2015:

The NextGen Share plug-and-play referrals service allows clients to exchange clinical data with more than 200,000 providers across the country. Ther is no extra cost for using NextGen Share for NextGen users.

Summer 2014

NextGen now offers a web-browser like search tool for ICD-9 / ICD-10 diagnosis search tool, allowing users to rank results by relevance and frequency of use. This tool should help clinicians both with medical diagnosis and with billing and reporting needs.

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