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EMR and EHR Medical Report Writer Software
Reviews and Ratings

WIt is relatively easy to type patient medical data into an EMR, EHR or medical practice software system, but how to retrieve it in a useful manner?

Report writers for EMRs need to be versatifle and flexible. They should have canned reports for information that everyone needs and a flexibility to run your own reports based on individual needs.

Almost all medical practice management software packages contain a reporting module.  How well it works for you depends not only on the system, but on the needs of your practice or facility.

Some basic necessities for a good medical report writing module:

  • Security: The report writing module must be HIPAA, NPI, and PQRI compliant
  • HL7 and DICOM connectivity
  • Easy of use in designing custom reports
  • Transparent integration with both accounting records and patient records
  • Ability to query internal and external databases
  • Ability to handle different report formats without difficult setting adjustments
  • Good help function and easy training availability
  • Integration with scanning and imaging function so that images can be included in reports with ease
  • interface with medical instruments in order to extract and report data

If you have separate PM and EMR packages, you need to be sure that your report writer from each system can pass data easily from one system to the other. Make sure such interfaces are available between the software you are planning to use.

For comparisons of different medical reporting and billing software products, download the free Medical Software Selection Kit.