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"CTS information on pricing and platforms was very helpful."
– Carol Comforth,  Consultant

"Your website has been a great help to us!"
– Paul Kovacik, Belectric Inc.

"As a CPA with limited expertise in construction, I found Sheldon Needle’s expertise to be essential in allowing our company to make a decision."
– Nige Cowan,  Turner Ferguson

“Thank you again for your opinions and comments.   I have been looking
for someone like you for over a year.   Someone who knows the construction
accounting software out there on the market and can match us to a quality product that fits us the very best now and allows for growth in the future.”
– Ron Schreibeis, Rocky Mountain Reclamation
"Invaluable conversation for sorting out  my shortlist vendors "
– Barb Steiner, Wds Construction

“I love the concept of CTS Guides and it is an amazing resource!”
 – Kathleen Cain, HITT Contracting Inc.

"Wonderful website! Half my work is already done."
– Ginger Vrancic, CCI Systems, Inc.

"After seeing the depth of your content, I did not need to look anywhere else for information"
– Tara Madison, Complete Landscaping Services

"Much appreciate all the resources you offer for finding construction software"
– Brian Price, CPA, Price Kubecka

"You gave me good insight on what to look for."
– Jack Troud, Shotblast Construction

"I got a lot of useful information from Sheldon and the CTS site."
– Richard Slayden, Director Project Controls, Sala & Associates

"I should have started with Sheldon Needle in the first place. it would have saved me a huge amount of research time."
– Matt Mortiz, Eddy Homes, Inc

"What a terrific resource – thank you for your in-depth analysis of the vendors"
– Kent Snyder, Construction Accounting Services, Inc.

"Fantastic reviews and comparison information"
– Gregg Carline, MHK Consultants

"Great download information"
– David Port, Cinnabar LLC

"Grateful to have found your site"
– Luke Stickney, Titan Electrical

"My conversation with CTS was very helpful."
– Jennifer Collier, Tresco Companies

"Happy I found CTS!"
– Phillip Hall, principal, Strader, Hallet & Co, CPAs

"Sheldon gets what contractors need to know to make the right software
– Ken Haddix, CFO Moran Envionmental Recovery

“The information on your website will be very helpful in our evaluation process.”
– Wayne Harrison, Berry Y&V Industrial Contracting

"Marvelous sets of spreadsheet comparisons, well done!"
– Ralph Kemp, Elk Air Conditioning

"I finally found a site that gave me  the objective advice and information I
needed. "
Robert Efaw, KERE, Inc.

"Information was very helpful"
– Richard Ingram, Ingram Construction Consulting

"Extraodinarily useful site."
– Ruzwa Cooper, Cooper Oates Air Conditioning

"Your information should help us get off to the right start in our accounting software search. Thanks again for your time and insight."
Kevin Shemwell, Meadors Construction

"Tons of good stuff. I love it"
– Nancy Ebeling, GMAC Rescap

“You provide a much needed service, and it’s been a pleasure working with you.”
– Peter Trieb, Design Works Architecture, P.C.

"Your materials were indispensable in narrowing the field from 20 to 3 or 4 contenders."
– Jerry McHugh, Mac Construction

"Very useful resource for research since I knew nothing about this industry"
– Nathan Codding, Computers ABC

"Invaluable information."
-John Cranfill, Controller Woodall Construction Co.

"The best practices article is a great document."
-Diane Keithly, Keithly Electric

"A very valuable service, Sheldon gave me the best possible advice that I used for my client’s benefit."
– Carmine Coletta, Consultant, Huntington, Copper, Moody and McQuire

"Great job of evaluating systems"
– Bill McBride, President, Sechristhall

"My conversation with sheldon was very helpful in clarifying my software options."
– Patty Mulhert, Accounting Mgr – Urban Networks

"Thanks for your recommendations. I think your the first person who actually made sense during this whole process. "
– Rick Morgenstern, Chadwick Construction

"I spend a good deal of time involved in information searches both on the web and using paid services to help my clients. In 20 years of searching like this, I have never seen so much valuable information provided for free. The level of knowledge and expertise is amazing."
– Charles Steinman, Consultant

"Love the CTS site, program details are great!
– Doug Knight, D & C Construction Specialties

"Thanks, great service!"
– Keith Carey, The Thurman Carey Group

"[CTS] helped me focus in on a select group that accurately matched my needs much faster than I imagined possible."
Ted Kennedy, WH Gross Construction

"The most useful information I have ever seen comparing construction software."
– Lark Glessner, Partner, GMR Construction

"Best information I have found on the web for construction related software."
– Robert Harasta, BH Tank Inc.

"On-line evaluations were very helpful."
– Laszlo Girhiny, Island Acoustics

"CTS documentation gave us an incredible kickstart on our software search project."
– Tony Johnson, Coosals Construction

"CTS comparison was very helpful."
– Shirley Chahanovich, Epco Construction, Inc

"It was nice speaking with someone who could give me an independent perspective on the packages I am considering."
Jacob Patton, owner, All State Electrical

"Toolkit is very useful."
– Eric Taylor – C & G Painting, Denver CO

"Great starting point."
– Marc Carlson, CFO, LandSouth Construction

"Love the site. Very informative."
– Gary Eads, Consultant

"This is just the web site I needed. Thanks for helping us speed up our decision process."
– Hugh Ayles, PM Engen Contracting

"My conversation with Sheldon Needle was very helpful in screening my software options."
– Mike Musanti, Controller, PJR Corporation

"As a first time software buyer, it was a relief to find CTS."
– Gavin Prier, Prier Construction

"Great head start on looking for construction software."
– Dave O’Dell, Master Construction"

"Thanks again for helping companies like ours sort through the endless information that is available. We really feel that we made an informed decision and got the best bang for our buck with your help."
– Roger Bennett,

"Awesome material."
– Cliff Yochum, Hillside Construction

"My conversation with Sheldon gave me a lot of understanding concerning choices and best options."
– A. Hjelte, Office Manager, Northstar Remodeling

"Your site offers a great starting point. The information will be VERY helpful in narrowing down the software elements we need and the selection process."
– Arnie Cohen, Gibraltar Construction Corp.

"The web site was very informative and told me exactly what I needed to know in comparing products."
– Carolyn Haverstuhl, Co-owner Haverstuhl Electric

"CTS did my homework for me."
– Brad Pendleton, Senior Project Mgr, LAI Construction

"Cut our initial software review time by 75%."
– Jeff Hunt, EHC, Inc.

"COSCO is a40 person construction firm that does not have time to do theresearch. Your firm did it for us, simple, informative, and accurate.I can’t believe we received all this information for free. Youeasily saved me a months worth of research and hours of timetrying to work my way through demos. Thank you! Thank you!"
– Dave Costantino, V.P. , Cosco Fence and Guardrail

"I wish I had this information six months ago. It would have saved me a lot of time and headaches."
– Donovan Watts, Contracts Manager, BC Comfort

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"By far the most informative source I have found on manufacturing software."
– Gia Ells, Comnet Systems

“Awesome information”
Mike Jansen, Automation Engineering LLC

“Thank you for your input. I did not know what I was getting myself into when I volunteered to find a new system for our company. I truly appreciate a company/service like yours.”
– Tim McCauley, The Dayton Forging & Heat Treating Company

"A goldmine of information, i can’t thank you enough."
– Bill Sawyer, Sawyer Industrial Plastics

"Speaking with Sheldon has been very helpful to relay our needs in a software solution and finding the right fit for our business. Thank you.”
– Barry Henson, Vacuum Engineering & Materials Co., Inc.

Thanks very much for your call and assistance Sheldon!
Jane M. Johnson, CPA, CMA, B2B CFOR

"Extremely helpful, straightforward content without the usual fluff."
– Andrea MacIntosh, Oceanworks Intl.

"CTS is a great resource!"
Michael Devine, Eckert & Ziegler Isotope Products

“Great selection kit”
– Curt Oppermann, Karpel Solutions

"CTS content helped me review the whole ERP market, I loved the pricing
– Tadeo Cardenas, RC Furniture

"So glad I found your site,invaluable information!"
– Deborah Drimer, Materials Mgr, Alcore, Inc.

"Many thanks. What a terrific resource to have available – the task
doesn’t seem nearly as daunting now. "
Dawn Mezzenga, Comet Tool

"I found your website to be very helpful. I have been on one side or the
other of the software game for over 25 years and I can’t remember any other
site that covered as broad a range of packages and helped me get the
information I needed as quickly and easily. I would recommend your website
to anyone evaluating software."
– David A. Myers, Dynasty Mold Builders

"We were very happy to find the tools at your site to help us evaluate ERP
software. Our client loved it!"
– Tom Glazer, DMS Computer Services

"We were very happy to find the tools at your site to help us evaluate ERP
software. Our client loved it!"
– Tom Glazer, DMS Computer Services

"Great documents on your site that helped us get started"
– Vicki Werling, Qualtek Manufacturing

"A great service."
– Tom Narey, Fabrication Technologies Industries

"Very helpful website."
– Woody Seaton, Evans Technology

"CTS gave us ideas on questions we did not even know we needed to ask"
Christy Walsh, Operations Mgr, Hydro-Dyne Engineering

"Thank you Sheldon. "You provide a valuable service and I appreciate your assistance."
– Nathan Betscher, Consultant

"The information you provided within the documents downloaded, were
extremely helpful. Especially the comparison grid, evaluation scorecard,
and ROI template. Thank you very much."
– Melanie Petrosene, ITW Rippey

"After listening to what we needed, Sheldon sent me three names. It was wonderful to have someone do some digging and sifting of all of the software out there to point us in the right direction. And your recommendations were right on the money."
– Joe Gerlinger, Gerlinger Steel and Supply

"Very worthwhile service."
– John Gagliardi, Jroberts Mfg

"Great Service."
– Ryan Brownhill, operations mgr, Sphere One Inc.

"Very helpful site."
-Greg Stoltz, Hydrofera LLC

"Fantastic information"
– Joseph Beck, Chemart

"Fantastic information"
– Tim Logan, USSC Seating

"Thanks for the quick response! The information provided in the kit is top notch and very appreciated. "
– Eric Wagner, MSI Manufacturing

"Wonderful service"
– Cheetah Fischer, RedMed Motor Technologies

"Being able to comply with the demands of corporate giants has led our
company on a fast growth path. We are expected to adhere to the same
ISO, ASA, and six sigma standards as our Customers since we are a sensor
supplier. Finding out which software to chose was a real concern since
we are short on personnel. Sheldon Needle helped us cut to the chase and
narrow our selections to companies that could meet our needs. "

– Ned Denigan, Rieker Inc.

"A great service, a true goldmine!"
– Teri Martinez, Financials Systems Mgr, MAG Manufacturing

"Great Resources and excellent process"
– Dan Martin, Continuous Technology Services

"I loved the synopsis of each system. Great first step in fact finding"
– Donald Hill, Data Mediators

"Very informative web site."
– Sue Cook, IT Mgr, Fremont Company

"Fabulous information."
– Ginny Whollley, The Knowledge Safe

"A great web site, tremendous information."
– Gene Harpenau, Jasper Chair Co

"A lot of great material."
– Michelle Aguiar, JOMA Machine Company

"First class service."
– Rick Dalgetty, Xradia

"The CTS service was a joy to find."
– Dan Schamber, McStarlite Company

"CTS made it easy."
– Douglas Chandler, Company Northwest Charging Systems,Inc

"The CTS download made my day."
– Chris Bartels, Blindtek Designer Systems

"Exceptional descriptions of ERP products we are considering."
– Kim Muinch, Supply Chain Consultant

"A terrific resource to help with due diligence on ERP software for manufacturers"
– Lee Wallace, Wallace Technical Solutions, Post Falls, ID

"Great information for sometime getting started. Saved me a bunch of time."
– Daniel McCabe, Operations Mgr, Design Octaves

"The information from your site enabled me to make a very strong
presentation to management on on our software options along with pros and cons."
– Steven Schubert, IT Mgr. Lexicon Technologies,Inc.

"Thanks for your guidance and quick response."
– David O’Neill

"It’s hard to find someone like Sheldon Needle, with his level of expertise, to talk to about manufacturing software."
– John Shincovich, Pres. Class Machine Co, Akron, OH

"Speaking with Sheldon was very useful in our software search."
– Pamela Hardin, Controller – LaCroix Optical Co.

"Sheldon’s recommendations were right on target for our manufacturing environment."
Peter Hunter, Chairman, Hydroid LLC

"An invaluableservice for arriving at a well qualified shortlist."
– Scott Gravning, IT Mgr, WestMor Industries

"Up front information, easyto read, a great help in getting me started"
– Thomas Adamowski, SRS, Inc.

"I was bewildered by all thesoftware choices. Then I found CTS. In 15 minutesSheldon Needle pointed me in the right direction witha manageable number of quality solutions suitable formy type of manufacturing."
Donald Douglas of Woodside Electronics

"Excellent tool – fully covers allaspects to look for in a manufacturing environment."
– Joseph Canova, Chief Financial Officer, Cecilware Corp.

"Fantastic information"
Chip Czulada, Reading Bakery Systems

"In 90 minutes I got a good understanding of the manufacturing software landscape and what would work for us."
– Craig Bramscher, President, Brammo Motorsports

"A great help in starting our ERP evaluation process."
Lyle Critser, Controller, cinci

"The CTS tools and reviews gave us exactly what we needed – a step by step approach to needs assessment and for scoring and tracking vendor demos."
– Grant Lombard, MIS Administrator, Ohio Semitronics, Inc

"very valuable information…….. I especially like the demo evaluation template"
-Tony DiConza, I.T. Manager Parvus Manufacturing

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“Your site was the most accurate and informative of any I visited. Thank you!"
– Saul Cruz, Supreme Medical Collections

"This site is the most resourceful one I’ve seen on the internet.The material in the Kit provides extensive detailed content on the packages."
 -Joshua Trevett, Double Eagle Consulting

"I was very impressed with the breadth and depth of the content and insights provided for such a comprehensive mix of medical software solutions provided in the CTS Kit."
– James Hering, , Click Here, Inc

“I finally found a site with useful selection tools. You make it so easy to evaluate software for my clients.”
– William Krauss, Krauss & Associates

"Your Medical Software Selection model is excellent.  As a Director for Gartner, I assisted dozens of clients in selecting software using analytical models.  I highly recommend CTS’s model to anyone making a software selection.  It is one of the best in the industry."
– Rich Legum, MIT Solutions

"Your web site makes the selection of medical software understandable and the research you have done is fabulous."
– Leroy Weber, Weber Custom Computers

"Phenomenal information!"
-Lisa Anne Marshall, Managing Editor, Integrative Medicine Journal

"This is the greatest siteI’ve seen since the invention of software. I reallylove this site!"
– William Ivers, Manager, Bureauof Medical Economics, Santa Clara County Medical Association

"Thisis an extremely well designed and thorough evaluation ofmedical software, a must have for anyone considering a purchase."
– Dr. Voelker of Elmrupdate

"I was able to compare apples to apples because CTS points out each and every aspect of the packages."
– Dr. Agnes Solon, Rheumatologist

"Theinformation is excellent and helped us make the right choicefor our practice. Thanks."
– Tim Fogle, CHE CityDoc Uptown Urgent Care

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"Great Information! unlike vendor sales literature, your reviews were very detailed and specific about how the products actually worked."
– Daniel Heykoop, VP Budway Inc.

“Using CTS information, I accomplished in 1 day what would have taken me weeks on my own”
– Chris Kelly, IT Mgr Lightuptoys Inc.

"Very helpful information"
– Rick Hunt, Wagner Financial Services

"Your reviews provided systematic information that allowed us to compare and contrast packages on our own terms."
– Robert Whittenberger, Tyndale Company Pipersville, PA

"The accounting software informationshortened our lead time by more than one month… maybe more!The  checklist was  used by our staff to preciselydefine our needs for each module."
– Robert Phillips, Mgr, South. Ready Mix Birmingham, AL

"It was very helpfulto have a written analysis done by a professional third party."
– Phil Dannemiller, Pres. Convey, Inc. , Canton, OH

"I found the information very accurate and informative."
– Roger Williford, Acct Mgr, Lighthouse R & D Enterprises

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