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Jonas Premier Jonas Premier

Jonas Premier is a Canadian-based construction ERP system running in the Microsoft cloud. Applications include; Job Costing, Subcontract Management, T & M Billing, Progress (AIA Style) Billing, GL, AP, AR, Bank Management, Purchase Order, Inventory, Time Entry and integrated Document Storage. Jonas Premier does not offer a Payroll or service application.

Built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud means Jonas Premier is scalable. There is no onsite hardware cost (but there is a rental cost for hosting) and it is accessible everywhere there is an internet connection.

There are a number of quirks in this product like using a minus sign for recognizing debits or credits on accounting reports. Many users complain about its custom report writer which lacks functions to easily create and manage reports like filters, grouping and totaling data.

Product Information

Jonas Premier
$179 per month per user + $15K for Implementation
Browser based

Product Highlights

  Modern technology, consistent screen design and three-levels of help on every page .
  No hardware to buy means lower startup costs – Using the Microsoft Azure cloud means there is no hardware to buy or configure or maintain. Double data redundancy makes back up devices unnecessary.
  Easy to use and get started – There is no software to install or CD’s to load; Jonas will just send you a URL and you’ve started. According to Jonas, the familiar browser and Windows/MS Office standards, coupled with a standard and consistent screen design means once you’ve learned one module, you’ve learned them all.
  Robust job costing/accounting – 2 to 5 dimension job cost accounting means the costing is simple for small jobs and can be sophisticated for larger jobs. It is configurable on a job by job basis. Accounting integration means that your financial are always up to date.
  Reporting – A full suite of reports is standard, plus Jonas has written an add-on for MS Excel which allows you to pull the data out of the cloud straight into Excel.
  Jonas Premier Document Management system is integrated with the rest of the system.

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