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Your company has decided to acquire new software. Whether you lead IT or were selected to “lead the charge”, everyone recognizes that new software is not just about solving today’s problems. It’s about selecting a solution that will support how your company will satisfy the needs of your supply chain, your marketplace, and your daily operations for at least the next ten years. Clearly alot is at stake with this project.

CTS Guides has the expertise to make your project a real success. We have over 25 years experience and know how hundreds of companies have developed user requirements, screened vendors, and negotiated contracts. We are experts at helping separate the sales process from real software capability.

Too often we talk with companies that are “stuck in software selection limbo.”
Do any of these sound familiar?

  It’s time to make the decision but they just keep postponing the selection. They simply don’t have the confidence to make the choice. The benefits the company needs from software are not realized and they continue struggling with a minimally useful system. 

  The company has a shortlist but they just don’t know which one to select. 

  The company is disappointed with its new purchase and has not fully implemented the new system.  

And manufacturing or construction software failure is expensive in more ways than you can imagine.
Here's just a few of them that will impact the bottom line of your company:

  Cost of the software plus implementation and training

  Staff hours spent on evaluating and training for the new system

  Opportunity cost of work that did not get done while implementing the new system

  Loss of expected benefits due to inadequate functions for scheduling, inventory management, QA, shop floor control, engineering and project management, configuration, and more

  Staff turnover due to frustration with an outdated system or a failed initiative

You do not have to accept any of these situations! You can do a software “rescue” and determine why the new solution is not working and fix it. Or you can search for a new solution that is really suitable to your operation and gives you real value. And you can do this economically and effectively with the CTS Virtual Consulting Services – an innovative, cost effective service .



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